Madi Hicks in Jeff Edwards' ballet class at Juilliard (Kenneth Edwards)

Friday Briefing: Class Etiquette Edition

Here's a five point friendly reminder to be a stellar student! Give it a read, and apply it to your classes this coming week!

1. Don't look at the clock.

It's rude. Don't do it.

When you look at the clock, you're communicating to the teacher that you're tired of class and ready for it to be over. Even if that isn't how you are feeling, that's how it translates. Stay engaged the whole class. Trust that the teacher will let you out when it's time for you to move on to your next rehearsal.


2. Don't chew gum in class.

You'll choke. Plus, you'll just look ridiculous!

Imagine the most gorgeous contact improv session you can possibly imagine, and then suddenly the beauty of the moment is broken because one partner's jaw is moving up and down on a stale piece of Extra.

No. Just no.

Please observe Cindy Salgado and Jermaine Spivey as they successfully demonstrate how to do contact improv without chewing gum at the same time. It's lovely. 👇 (via Cindy Salgado's Facebook)

3. Don't fold your arms.

Don't be a sassy pants. Nobody likes a sassy pants.

Dance is all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T. So go out of your way to show your teacher some! Stand with your arms by your side or behind your back when you aren't dancing. Folded arms demonstrate attitude, and there's no room for attitude in the dance studio!


4. Don't disrupt class by talking to other students

Please. Please. Please.

Your teachers are exhausted from telling you to stop talking over and over. The line, "Exercise your legs not your mouths," gets old for them too.

I know I know I know. You love your dance friends, and you have sooooo much to tell them but. . .

SAVE IT FOR LATER! Each class deserves your undivided attention.

For guidance on how to stay focussed in class, please observe the dancers in this Teddy Forance class. We can't take our eyes off of them because they are just SO gosh. darn. present.

5. DO support and encourage others in class

If you see someone do something brilliant in class, tell them! If you love your teacher's choreography, express that! Class shouldn't be a space filled with negative energy. Communicate the moments that you're genuinely inspired by others. You'll make everyone's day brighter, and that positivity will come back around to you!

Example: If you see someone look like this👇 in class, you should definitely tell them they are stupid good.

Miriam Miller (Lucas Chilczuck)

Apply these dance class etiquette "Do's and Don'ts" this week! You'll kill it!

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