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I met a wonderful ballerina last week. She was beautiful and had amazing extensions; but as soon as she took off her pointe shoes, boy did I want to chassé away! We’ve all been there—especially after leaping, bending and turning for hours. We sweat like crazy, and we smell a little funky after. It’s the price we have to pay!

Foul-smelling feet are a nuisance, not to mention embarrassing. So I’m offering you a simple and cheap solution that won’t make you want to hide your face in your dance bag after you take your shoes off (since it probably smells bad in there too!).

Avoid putting your shoes back in your bag right after you’ve worn them. Stuffing them inside will only make your bag stink too, and your shoes will stay sweaty. Instead, carry them in your hand or tie them together and wear them around your neck, à la Billy Elliot.

When you get home put your shoes in a spot where they’ll be ventilated (inside your closet is a no-no). If you wear toe pads and/or toe separators, go ahead and air those out as well. Leave them overnight. The next morning, put regular foot powder in them, which will help absorb sweat—at least for a while.

When you shower it’s very important that you thoroughly soap up your feet, being careful not to slip. Pay special attention to the area between your toes, even if it tickles. When you’re drying yourself off make sure to dry your feet completely. Use your towel between your toes, so as to avoid getting fungus, which will only make your feet smell worse. If your foot, er, aroma is out of control (hey, it happens to everybody at least once!) you can dry them with a hair dryer on the coolest setting.

Good luck keeping your shoes (and ergo, your feet) smelling as good as they can—since we all know it’s impossible to keep them smelling like new. And remember: air, air, air!

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