Learn a combo from the University of Memphis Dance Team’s 2012 Nationals pom routine. The University of Memphis Dance Team won the 2012 Universal Dance Association Division 1A Hip-Hop Championship title and earned second place in the pom division.


Stand with your feet together in parallel and your arms in a half T.





and 2 Slice your arms down to your sides and ball-change your right foot back, staying in parallel.






3 Battement your right leg to the side and swing your arms up to an L (your left arm next to your ear and your right arm to the side, making a 90-degree angle).






Bring both feet together in parallel while swinging your arms down to your sides.






5 Pivot to the left diagonal, popping the right foot. Bring your right arm to your shoulder in dagger position and your left hand to your hip.






6 Do one chug in place, keeping your right foot popped and your left hand on your hip. Swing your right arm down to a low V.





7 and Jump out to a small runner’s lunge on the left diagonal. Pop your back (right) foot as you swing your right arm forward in a counterclockwise circle. Release your head back on “and.”




8 Bend both knees in parallel second, bringing your chest and poms down to your left knee with your elbows out and your head down, in line with your spine.






1  Step out on your right foot, turning over your left shoulder to face the back. Bring your right arm to a low V and your left hand to your hip.






2 Step across your body with your left foot while extending your left arm to a low V and putting your right hand on your hip.






3 Step out with your right foot while extending your left arm straight up to your ear, keeping your right hand on your hip.






and Step across your body with your left foot, bringing your left arm down to a T and keeping your right hand on your hip.





4 Step out with your right foot, turning your body to face the right side, as you swing your left arm down and around to extend straight out in front of you. Look straight ahead and keep your right hand on your hip.







5 Stepping onto your left foot, pivot over your left shoulder to face the left side, pliéing on your left leg while bringing your right foot to parallel coupé. Shoot both arms out in front of you to candlestick position.






and Straighten your legs, bringing your feet together, and pull both arms to your chest in dagger position.







6 Plié your left leg while shooting your right leg up to parallel passé and slicing your arms down to your sides.







7 Turning over your left shoulder, step forward on your right foot, with your right leg in plié, your left leg bent and your left heel popped. Break your arms to a low V.






8 Bring your left foot forward to meet your right foot in parallel position. Swing your arms up to a Cheerio (your left pom directly in front of your right pom with your hands over your head and your elbows bent).

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