#GivingTuesday: Dancer Edition

A dancer participating in a Movement Exchange program (via Instagram, @movementexchange)

It's #GivingTuesday, and people around the world are giving back. So how can you? Check out how these organizations that are making a difference—one dance move at a time.

Movement Exchange

Movement Exchange is an organization that combines dance and service. With 21 chapters at universities across the U.S. and international exchanges in Panama and Brazil, Movement Exchange strives to strengthen community bonds and build confidence through dance. The organization runs dance classes for underserved communities and hosts an annual fundraising and dance awareness day organized differently by each individual chapter.

How to Get Involved: Donate today or, if you're in college, look to join (or start!) a chapter at your own university!

Dancewear Drive

Make use of the dance clothes you've outgrown or no longer want, and donate them to Dancewear Drive—an organization that takes gently used dancewear and gives it to students in need. Based out of L.A., the Dancewear Drive accepts donations from across the country with Dancer Delegates working nationwide to oversee collections in their own communities. All donations benefit dance organizations with special programs for students who could not attend dance classes on their own.

How to Get Involved: Visit collection sites in the L.A. area or send your dancewear here! If you're age 13 and up, you can even apply to become a delegate of the Dancewear Drive to start collecting in your own hometown.

Dizzy Feet Foundation

You may know the Dizzy Feet Foundation from its sponsorship of every dancer's fave holiday, National Dance Day. But Dizzy Feet does so much more. For 10 years, this organization has helped bring dance to underserved communities, providing classes and programs that otherwise would be impossible. The foundation gives grants to eligible organizations across the country. Through dance, Dizzy Feet works to improve lives and inspire a new generation of dancin' fiends.

How to Get Involved: Donate online today, or get involved during the next National Dance Day!

Dancing Dreams

Dancing Dreams is an organization that provides dance classes and performance opportunities for kids, teens, and young adults with physical disabilities. Operating under a mantra of everybody can dance, each class is modified depending on the needs of the dancers to ensure that each person can participate. The annual performance includes sets and costumes, giving the dancers a full-blown performance experience.

How to Get Involved: Volunteer with the Dancing Dreams Leadership Program for teens in the NYC or Long Island area and work weekly with students in classes. Help out with their annual performance as well!

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