Go Tango!

Don’t you hate when the cold sets in after the New Year and even hot cocoa or snuggling by the fireplace don’t seem to help? How about trying a Tango class to really get you fired up? Starting Jan. 27, 2009, the School of Traditional Argentine Tango in NYC will offer a Stage Tango Course intended for professional and trained dancers. Even hotter, Dance Spirit Readers will receive a 10% discount when you sign up! Just mention our name. The course, taught by Anton Gazenbeek, meets on Tuesdays and consists of four classes, each from 7-9 pm.

Not a Tango-er? No worries. You can also receive a $10 off discount when you purchase a pack of five classes that meet either Mondays or Fridays, when beginners are welcome to choose from a slew of different courses.

To sign up, visit http://www.sergioseguraproductions.com/statnyc/index.htm Don’t forget to mention Dance Spirit in order to receive a discount!



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