Gorgeous NYC Dance Photos Featuring Julliard Students


What do you get when you add the NYC skyline + six Julliard-trained dancers + a dozen photographers? You get magic.

Tara Langdon (photo by Caroline Sollmann)

The dancers were modeling in a workshop organized by Ebbe Sweet, a NYC-based photographer and former dancer, as part of Photoville—a photography exhibit displayed along the Brooklyn waterfront. The photographers were hoping to learn more about dance photography.

The dancers nailed every jump and pose (naturally), but the photographers got in on the action too, throwing themselves on the ground to get the perfect angle.

Joseph Davis (dancing, photo by Caroline Sollmann)

It was pretty cool to see how all those insta-perfect dance shots happen IRL. You know the ones: The dancer is effortlessly hitting the height of her jump, while remaining perfectly framed by the dramatic skyline behind her. Guess what? It takes a lot of repetition and hard work to get that one shot, but with dancers and photographers of this caliber, there were many stunning moments.

Zoë McNeil (Photo by Caroline Sollmann)

See more images on Instagram at #photovilleinmotion!



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