Hamilton Makes History

The cast of Hamilton (Joan Marcus, courtesy Sam Rudy PR)

One year into its Great White Way run, Hamilton continues to revolutionize Broadway—and how Broadway moves. Check out this sneak peek at our July/August feature, and get to know two of Hamilton's all-star swings, Ariana DeBose and Sasha Hutchings (and get the full story right now in our digital edition!).

All About Ariana DeBose

A former CC & Company comp kid from Raleigh, NC, Ariana DeBose was on Season 6 of “So You Think You Can Dance," and has appeared in Motown, Pippin and Bring It On on Broadway. In Hamilton, the 25-year-old earned her own nickname—and hashtag—as “The Bullet," for portraying the bullet that Aaron Burr shoots at Alexander Hamilton. Aside from killing it—uh, literally?—in the show's eight weekly performances, here's what else you should know about Ari.

(photo by Erin Baiano)

Favorite scene in the show: “We Know"

Favorite Hamilton memory: “The day Helen Mirren came to see the show at The Public Theater. No one even knew she was there until she came backstage afterward, and we all just fawned over her. She was so dope."

Celebs she'd love to have in the audience: Téa Leoni (from “Madam Secretary") and Halle Berry

How she'd describe Lin-Manuel Miranda in two words: “Nerd and genius"

Hamilton song she's most likely to sing in the shower: “Wait for It"

Pre- and post-show snacks: “A kale bowl before the show and Double Stuf Oreos afterward." #balance

How often long-lost friends ask for tickets to the show: “To the point where I have to just respectfully not respond. I wish I could help, but I can't, and it's overwhelming."

All About Sasha Hutchings

In addition to being a Hamilton ensemble member, the gorgeously leggy Sasha Hutchings is also the understudy for the roles of Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds. Before Hamilton, the 27-year-old Macon, GA, native appeared in Memphis, Motown and Rocky. Here's the full scoop.

(photo by Erin Baiano)

Favorite scene in the show: “The Room Where It Happens"

Favorite Hamilton memory: Performing for President Obama. “There's so much significance to performing for the leader of the country. I'm grateful for the way he has brought attention to the show, by showing how significant art and diversity are for our future."

Best friend in the cast: “Ephraim Sykes. Confession: He's also my boyfriend—we met through mutual friends from Memphis—and is the mysterious friend who got me into the Hamilton reading." #showmance

How she'd describe Lin-Manuel Miranda in two words: “Nerd and swag"

Hamilton song she's most likely to sing in the shower: “Say No to This"

The cast's pre-show ritual: “If there's a ritual, I don't know it, because I'm always the last person to get there! We do circle up and say a prayer before every show, but needless to say, I often miss it."

Post-show snack: A burger or chicken wings

How often long-lost friends ask for tickets to the show: “Oh gosh, every single day. Every hour on the hour. I wish I could help them all, but if my mom can't get tickets, neither can you."

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