Inside "Miss Saigon"'s Most Intense Fight Choreo


If you're anything like me, you've spent some serious time fantasizing about how cool it would be to become dance captain of a Broadway show. Just imagine having all of that choreography in your head, knowing every little detail of a musical's moving parts! Until today, I'd never considered what it might be like to be a fight captain, but this amazing behind-the-scenes clip from Miss Saigon really got me thinking—and dreaming.

Earlier this week, TheaterMania got access to watch a pre-show fight call at the Broadway revival, where stars Jon Jon Briones (who plays baddie The Engineer), Nick Christopher (John, an American GI), and fight captain/ensemble member Julius Sermonia ran through a few of the most chaotic-looking action sequences. "It's brutal choreography, in a sense that anything can happen," Sermonia told TheaterMania. Well, that's the magic of live musical theatre, right?!

Dancer to Dancer



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