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I know that becoming a professional dancer is not always an easy journey. Questions constantly arise and finding answers can seem to be impossible at times. The amount of knowledge I’ve acquired through my passion and drive for chasing my dreams is plentiful. In return I have the bigger purpose to help others on their journeys. No two dancers ever travel the exact same path but we certainly can learn from each other’s experiences. If you know in your heart that your passion for dance is your destiny then we are similar creatures and you will benefit from my stories and teachings.

Translating the art of dance into the job you live from is complicated. Dance is an outlet of expression but what happens when you rely on it to pay your bills? You learn a new perspective of your craft. This perspective will help you transition yourself into a product investors are willing to invest in. The discipline you’ve learned through perfecting your craft will be used in your everyday life. The burning desire to succeed will set you apart from your competition at auditions. By being the observer, listening and applying all that you see and hear, you will gain the knowledge you need to go far.

Coming from a pop group that sings, “dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me,” in skimpy costumes may not seem ideal to some. But I have had the best journey and the best experiences I could ever imagine. As dance grows as a profession, the understanding of what dance represents will follow. As each of us from the community of dance takes on new roads never traveled we will soon map out more and more opportunity for generations to come. The passion remains the same and the ability to create a platform is worth it all. I’ve traveled the world sharing my craft and the reflection of inspiration I receive from the faces of my fans is what confirms I’m in the right place.

Your craft of dance will be an outlet that changes other people’s lives. Each opportunity you get to share your years of hard work is a blessing. Take hold of living in the moment and allow the bigger purpose of connecting with others shine through your every move.


When you choose the life of a dancer you have chosen the life of serving others. By striving to be the best you can be in every performance you will be the guiding light of hope and faith.

Continue to see me here on for stories, advice, insight, and inspiration. If you have any questions on becoming a professional dancer or have general questions for me, post them on the comment board. Attach my name and I will soon have answers for you in my future blogs.

Light and love to you all,


Kimberly Wyatt is currently on tour as a member of The Pussycat Dolls.

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High School and College Senior Dancers: Submit Your Photo Here

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