It’s Okay to Eat an Everything Bagel or Cookies Sometimes…

ABT ballerina, Michele Wiles, gave New York magazine a play-by-play of what she eats daily. Check out the article. Michele disproved the myth that dancers starve themselves, because she eats plenty! Her theory is that she needs to eat throughout the day to keep fueling her body, and she’s right. Countless studies have shown that eating many small portions during the day (say, six mini meals) speeds up your metabolism more than fasting or eating 2-3 super-sized meals. When I worked with a personal trainer all last year to prepare for a show, she had me on the six small meal cycle and told me to load my meals with protein, veggies and healthy carbs (grains, whole wheat—you know the drill). The best part of this “diet,” is that it works. So go ahead, order that hot, cheesy slice of pizza. You’ll dance it off later. Promise.



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