This 6-Year-Old Dancing to Lizzo’s “Juice” Is Giving Us LIFE

Well, it's official: We want to be a 6-year-old when we grow up.

Specifically, we'd like to be Ivanah Campbell, a 6-year-old BOSS from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, whose dance video to Lizzo's "Juice" has earned raves from Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Chris Evans, and Lizzo herself.

FWIW, Ivanah was pretty famous even before her "Juice" video went viral, with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. (Once again: SHE IS SIX.) Why? Because no matter what bop is playing, she's slaying.

"I love music, it does something inside my heart," she told The Herald. "When a song plays, my body gets this itching feeling, I just want to dance. When I start dancing I feel so happy." Same, girl. SAME.

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