This "Us"-Inspired Dance Video Will Terrify You in the Best Way Possible

Right now, it seems like the entire world is equal parts obsessed with and thoroughly creeped out by Jordan Peele's Us, the horror film about devilish doppelgängers that's currently rated 94% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

But while the normal human reaction to Us is to hide under the covers for approximately 17 years, "Step Up: High Water" superhero Kendra "K.O." Oyesanya's reaction was to make a totally bananas dance video.

Set to the spooky "I Got 5 on It" remix from the film, the vid stars Oyesanya, Antwon Keith Collier, Rhyan Hill, and Payton Ali, all doing their best impressions of the Tethered while slaying (see what we did there) some v tight choreo.

It's GOOD, y'all—so good that it earned regrams from both Peele and Us star Lupita Nyong'o.

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