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Summer is almost officially here! And even if you're spending the summer months onstage and in the studio instead of outdoors (#dancerprobs), you can still bring those summer vibes inside with you. Our recommendation? These versatile, nature-inspired pieces from Just for Kix:

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Just for Inspiration, Sponsored by Just for Kix
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What inspires you most as a dancer? What keeps you going on the days when the motivation just isn't there, and makes you feel like all the hard work, rejection and sacrifice is worth it for the pursuit of your dream? What makes you want to run into an empty studio and create something new?

Cindy Clough, executive director of Just For Kix and a studio owner with over four decades of experience, often hangs posters with dance-related quotes on the walls of her studio, on everything from creativity to the hustle to the importance of teamwork. Sometimes the right words from dancers who have been there are just the push you need to spark your imagination and remind yourself why you love what you do.

In that spirit, here are 10 inspiring quotes from dancers on what their art form means to them, and why it's worth fighting through the hard parts:

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