Five Mind-Blowing Performances by "World of Dance" Standouts Karen y Ricardo

Raise your hands if you're completely, utterly obsessed with Karen y Ricardo. ✋✋✋✋✋

The sensational salsa dancers are the current frontrunners on NBC's "World of Dance," after earning the highest score ever given on the show during their first appearance and then (mild spoiler alert) breezing through the Duels round last night. Not only do they serve up gravity-defying tricks with ease, but they also bring impeccable musicality and irrepressible joy to every performance. They're just SO MUCH FUN to watch.

But Karen [Forcano] of Argentina and Ricardo [Vega] of Chile were making salsa sparks (and offstage sparks—they're a real-life couple!) together long before "WOD" came calling. They've been dance partners since 2009, and since then have won more than 15 national and international titles, in addition to teaching and performing at dance congresses around the world.

Because we can't get enough of this fabulous pair, we thought we'd round up some of their most impressive non-"WOD" performances—from championship-winning competitive routines to oh-so-effortless seaside dances in the sand. 😍😍😍

World Salsa Summit, 2016


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