Go Behind the Scenes of the "Level Up" Vid with Ciara and Parris Goebel

Ciara and the ReQuest Crew rehearsing the intense "Level Up" choreo (via YouTube)

What goes into the making of an instant-classic dance video? You'll find the answer in the mini documentary Ciara's team just released. Following the creation of the pop star's latest music vid, "Level Up"—choreographed by the ever-epic Parris Goebel, and featuring the magical dancers of Goebel's ReQuest crew—it's a very, very real look at all the sweat and struggles that made the finished product possible. Crazy-talented musical artists: They're just like us! (In that they spend ages rehearsing in the studio, at least.)

We especially love Ciara's honesty about being a total Parris fangirl (same), and the low-key, collaborative vibe the two of them have during the rehearsal process. Most humans would be at least slightly intimidated by the presence of a pop icon, but as we are all well aware, Parris Goebel is not most humans.

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