You Could Win Tickets to the Mean Girls Day Performance of Broadway's "Mean Girls"

It's gonna be SO FETCH. (The Broadway cast of Mean Girls; photo by Joan Marcus, courtesy Boneau/Bryan-Brown)

Dust off your best pink outfits, friends. Broadway's Mean Girls wants you to sit with them. For free. On Mean Girls Day.

Really, could there be a better way to celebrate October 3rd—of "It's October 3rd" fame—than by watching some of the danciest fabulousness happening on the Great White Way right now? Why yes, actually: The better way would be to pay zero dollars to watch all that dancy fabulousness. And that's why you should enter the show's very fetch ticket giveaway right now.

The contest, which runs through August 7th, is offering free tix to a special fan performance of Mean Girls on October 3rd at 7 pm. The only rule is that you need to be 14 years or older to enter. And in honor of Mean Girls Day, this particular show will feature a bunch of surprise appearances, which is so grool.

Oh, by the way? October 3rd is a Wednesday this year. Not that anyone wouldn't wear pink to this show, no matter the day of the week,'s like the universe has ESPN or something.

Enter here!

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