Photo by 4Star Productions Courtesy Spirit of Dance Awards

Meet Round Two of This Year's Future Star Award Winners

The second round of 2018 Future Star winners showcases dancers with singular talent and ability. We're thrilled to celebrate their success!

Avery Neiswender

Photo by Woods Photography, courtesy Molly Neiswender

Age 10

Art In Motion Dance Studio, Champaign, IL

StarPower, Branson, MO

Kadyn Belanger

Photo by 4Star Productions Courtesy Spirit of Dance Awards

Age 12

The Dancing Center Unlimited, Chelmsford, MA

Spirit of Dance Awards, Cape Cod, MA

Paige Forrester

Photo by Maryn Devine, courtesy Chemay Forester

Age 17

Denise Smith Dance Studio, Manotick, ON, Canada

StarPower, Ocean City, MD

Sadie Grace Bethke

Photo by Colette Mruk, courtesy Lane Behke

Age 11

Masters Upper Level, Stafford, TX

StarPower, Las Vegas, NV

Jacqueline Edwards

Courtesy Starbound National Talent Competition

Age 14

Jennifer Napolitano's School of Performing Arts, Seaford, NY

Starbound National Talent Competition, Foxwoods, CT

Maranda Dininno

Photo by DRC Video Productions, courtesy Lisa Dininno

Age 11

Albright Dance Stars, Monroeville, PA

Extreme Talent Showcase, Canonsburg, PA

Keithan Haver

Courtesy New York City Dance Alliance

Age 14

Broadway Dance Theatre, North Plainfield, NJ

StarPower, Mohegan Sun, CT

Sydney Manno

Photo by Exulting Images, Courtesy Jackie Manno

Age 14

DDCC of April School of Dance, Saint Marrys, PA

Encore DCS, Hershey, PA

Erin Bagnato

Courtesy Hall of Fame

Age 18

Dance Inc., Ajax, ON, Canada

Hall of Fame National Dance Challenge, Orlando, FL

Chasity Roman

Photo by Andre Mustapha, courtesy Cristina Roman

Age 11

TKO Dance Academy, Ozone Park, NY

StarPower, Myrtle Beach, SC

Stephanie Gennusa

Photo by Nicholas Field, courtesy In10sity Dance

Age 18

Fusion Dance Force, Holbrook, NY

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, Sandusky, OH

Mackenzie Johnson

Courtesy Starbound

Age 18

Generations of Dance, Landing, NJ

Starbound National Talent Competition, Orlando, FL

Natalie Scolf

Photo by Joe Lyman, courtesy Natalie Scolf

Age 18

Diana Evans School of Dance, Lexington, KY

StarQuest, Galveston, TX

Jayla Meyers

Courtesy Imagine Nationals Dance Challenge

Age 10

Starmakers Academy of Dance, Bowie, MD

Imagine National Dance Challenge, Hershey, PA

Ava Hoag

Photo by MKC Photography, courtesy Christine Hoag

Age 12

Miss Tricia's Dance Studio, Maynard, MA

Sophisticated Productions National Dance Competition, Wildwood, NJ

Bella Kuehl

Courtesy Hall of Fame Dance Challenge

Age 17

Priscilla and Dana's School of Dance, North Kansas City, MO

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge, Virginia Beach, VA

Claudia Foster

Courtesy Rose Foster

Age 17

Center of Dance Arts, Morganville, NJ

Backstage Performing Arts Competition, Hershey, PA

Isabelle Elizabeth Hoke

Photo by Jeff Pearson, courtesy Isabelle Hoke

Age 16

Michigan Dance Alliance, Canton, MI

Believe National Talent Competition, Panama City, FL

Brighton Smedt

Courtesy Starbound

Age 15

The Dance Company of Los Gatos, Los Gatos, CA

Starbound National Talent Competition, Lake Tahoe, NV

Emily Rose Craver

Photo by Dance Bug Photography, courtesy Carrie Craver

Age 13

Mossa Dance, Rochester, NY

StarQuest, Poconos, PA

Parker Stelmack

Photo by Mike Farella, courtesy Center Stage Dance Company

Age 17

Center Stage Dance Company Inc., China Grove, NC

Encore DCS, Savannah, GA

Lauren Billings

Courtesy Lauren Billings

Age 18

The Company, SLC, Murray, UT

Starbound National Talent Competition, San Antonio, TX

Natali Arms

Photo by Amanda Martin, courtesy Wanda Arms

Age 16

Spotlite Dance Studio, Murfreesboro, TN

Revolution Talent Competition, Pensacola Beach, FL

Catherine Flynn

Courtesy Starbound

Age 16

Premiere Dance Hillsborough, Hillsborough, NJ

Starbound National Talent Competition, Atlantic City, NJ

Riley Belsterling

Photo by M.Nissenbaum/True Pix, courtesy Jessica Belsterling

Age 14

Rising Star Dance Academy, Limerick, PA

True Talent, Cape May Courthouse, NJ

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