Donkeys en Pointe: What It's Like to Dance Bottom in "The Dream"

Jillian Vanstone and Joe Chapman in The Dream. (Karolina Kuras, courtesy National Ballet of Canada)

Next weekend, the National Ballet of Canada will perform The Dream, Frederick Ashton's 1964 one-act version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Y'all know that dancing the roles of fairies, mischievous sprites, and star-crossed lovers is all in a typical day's work for professional ballet dancers. What's less typical for the three male dancers who perform as Bottom, the bumbling rustic who gets turned into a donkey? Dancing en pointe.

The NBC chronicled this terrific trio's journey with their brand-new boots via a fascinating new short video. Our favorite moment? When second soloist Spencer Hack says that learning the role has given him a new level of respect for the female dancers who do this every. darn. day. One more time for the donkeys in the back!

The Dream: Men on Pointe | 2018 | The National Ballet of Canada

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