New York City Ballet Dancers Hit the Runway

Given the dance and fashion worlds' mutual infatuation, and the fact that we're currently in the midst of New York Fashion Week, it was only a matter of time before news broke about yet another awesome dance–fashion intersection.

On Sunday, Opening Ceremony invited seven of the Big Apple's brightest dance stars—ballerinas from New York City Ballet—to walk its catwalk. They were sort of undercover...

The NYCB beauties walking for Opening Ceremony: (L to R) Brittany Pollack, Likolani Brown, Lauren Lovette, Megan Mann, Megan LeCrone, Ashley Laracey and Teresa Reichlen (Photos: Greg Kessler, via Vogue)

...until the dancers-slash-models started falling:

A video posted by Nikki Ogunnaike (@nikkiogun) on

  Of course, as the above clip of NYCB principal Lauren Lovette proves, the models weren't really that clumsy. NYCB resident choreographer Justin Peck was behind their graceful spills; he created a runway ballet of sorts to show off the designers' billowy, understated looks:

  Dance + Fashion collide. So fun collaborating with @humbertotoo and @openingceremony for their Spring 2016 #NYFW collection   A video posted by Justin Peck (@justin_peck) on

Another clip:

In a piece for T Magazine, Humberto Leon of Opening Ceremony said he wanted the audience to be completely surprised by the falling: " won’t know that they’re meant to fall. And the audience, in my mind, will participate. They might gasp or lend a hand." According to T, that's pretty much what happened: "When the first model fell, audience members screamed and tried to reach down to help."

What spurred this collaboration? For one, Opening Ceremony (founded by Leon and Carol Lim) is known for shaking up the traditional runway experience with things like photography showings and theatrical productions. But Leon and Lim have also been working with Peck on another endeavor: They're designing the costumes for Peck's newest ballet, to be unveiled at NYCB's fall gala on September 30.

Check out some fabulous rehearsal photos from T Magazine here, and get more info on NYCB's fall gala here.

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Photo by Joe Toreno. Hair by Marina Migliaccio and makeup by Lisa Chamberlain, both for the Rex Agency.

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