November 2017 Table of Contents

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No Limits
Janelle Ginestra lives life full-out both onstage and off—and she's just getting started.

Janelle in #BeastMode
We went behind the scenes of one of Janelle Ginestra's sold-out IMMA SPACE classes.

The Choreographer-Composer Connection
Dancemakers dish on their musical collaborations.

Standing Still
Making the most of being motionless onstage.

A Tutu Is Born
Follow a National Ballet of Canada Swan Lake tutu from sketch to stage.

The scoop on Broadway's latest revival, Once On This Island.

The Dirt
Alonzo King LINES Ballet's Madeline DeVries.

Letter to My Teenage Self
Contemporary star Kathryn McCormick.

Dear Katie
Kathryn Morgan answers your pressing dance questions.

How your cell phone could be affecting your dancing.

Strength training exercises for male partners.

This year's costumes come straight from the circus big top.

Where to buy all the stuff you love from this issue.

The historic routine every tapper needs to know.

College Corner
Essay writing 101.

You Should Know
Commercial dancer Kyndall Harris.

Photo by Dean Alexander

Although it may feature three adorably charming old ladies, Hong Kong Ballet's effervescent 40th anniversary season promo video proves that it's not your grandmother's ballet company.

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Dance Videos

It's May, which means it's time to gear up for your studio's annual recital! Yes, every group's performance preparations are different, but here are the eight stages pretty much every dancer goes through.

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Just for Fun
YouTuber Michelle Khare (second from left), with Alison Stroming (second from right), looking none too shabby at her final recital (screenshot via YouTube)

What do we love more than a video about ballet? A video about ballet done rightlike YouTuber Michelle Khare's chronicle of her 6-week deep dive into the world of professional ballet.

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Dance Videos



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