Oh Hello, Derek Hough's New Music Video

Derek Hough just might be the busiest man in dance—and we like him that way. Because there's no such thing as too much D.Hough, whether he's tearing up the "DWTS" floor, bringing a little ballroom to Radio City Music Hall, traveling the world with MOVE Live on Tour or judging alongside J.Lo on "World of Dance."

But we have a particularly soft spot in our Hough-loving hearts for his music video work, especially when he's both behind and in front of the camera. Yesterday, Hough released what he describes as a "passion project" of a video: a cover of Breaking Benjamin's "Ashes of Eden," sung, directed by and starring Mr. Hough himself. And because no Houghian project is complete without dance, there's also a corps of contemporary powerhouses blazing through choreo by Rudy Abreu (RUDY! We've missed you!).

There's extremely full-out improv.

Derek Hough, Ashes of Eden

There are dramatic moments involving gauzy curtains.

Derek Hough, Ashes of Eden

There are aggressive, slow-motion showers of leaves.

Derek Hough, Ashes of Eden

There are lingering closeups of Derek's face.

Derek Hough, Ashes of Eden


Derek Hough, Ashes of Eden

Basically, there's everything you ever needed from a Derek Hough project. Enjoy, friends.

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Photo by Joe Toreno. Hair by Marina Migliaccio and makeup by Lisa Chamberlain, both for the Rex Agency.

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