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These Dance Comps and Conventions Are Coming to a Living Room Near You

While dancers all over the world are sharing the heartache of canceled classes, shows, and projects, our hearts hurt especially hard for a group of dancers we at Dance Spirit couldn't admire more: comp and convention kids. Determined to challenge your artistry and learn from cutting-edge faculty, you dancers normally brave crowded ballrooms and nonstop schedules all year long. But just because you might not be in one of those crowded ballrooms for a while doesn't mean that part of your dance life has to grind to a halt.

Many conventions and competitions, forced to cancel upcoming tour stops, have taken some of their extraordinary offerings online. They're streaming classes, holding Instagram dance "competitions," and even putting on entire virtual convention weekends. We've compiled a roundup of such events, along with all the information you need to participate. Keep that dance spirit alive, and we'll keep this list up to date.

Artists Simply Human

What: A two-day virtual convention experience with Beginner and Advanced level classes

When: April 10-11, or April 25-26

Where: Visit to register

Cost: $59 Early Bird, $69 Regular for two days of classes in one level. $99/$109 for two days of classes in both levels. Studio discounts available; Email for more info

Faculty: Braham Logan Crane, Jojo Gomez, Dusty Button, and more

Break The Floor

What: "Break The Floor: Live," dance convention and competition with scholarship auditions and two class levels: Mini/Junior and Teen/Senior

When: April 18-19. Competition routines must be submitted by April 10

Where: Visit for more info and to submit routines

Cost: Free

Faculty: Travis Wall will be hosting the two-day event. More faculty to be announced

Dupree Dance

What: "Virtual Movement Experience" dance instruction videos for dancers and teachers

When: Ongoing

Where: Watch and download the videos at

Fly Dance Competition

What: A virtual competition with the chance to win overall titles and scholarships, as well as a live improv competition and online convention experience

When: For the competition, register and submit a video of your routine by May 1st, May 13th, and June 1st for the next three events. Conventions will be held every Saturday in May. The live improv competitions will be held May 3rd, May 17th, and May 31st.

Where: Register for a virtual convention at Enter the virtual competition at Enter the improv competition at

Cost: $30.00 per routine entered. $52.00 per dancer for the day-long virtual convention.

Faculty: Mollee Gray, Fik-Shun, Brittany Pent, and more

Heat Dance Convention

What: "Heat From Home" classes. Each class includes a dance challenge; dancers can post videos of themselves performing the choreography on their Instagram using #HeatFromHome and tagging @HeatDanceConvention. Winners are announced three days later and win a full convention scholarship, half scholarship, and HEAT merchandise.

When: Classes are announced and posted on Heat's IGTV every week.

Where: Heat's Instagram

Faculty: Cat Cogliandro, Heather Morris, and more

Hollywood Connection

What: "HC @ Home," combos and class videos available for download. Includes "Broadway Babies" program for 5-7 year olds

When: Weekly; as announced on HC's Instagram

Where: Content is posted on HC's YouTube and available for download on Vimeo

Faculty: Mitchel Federan, Kristin McQuaid, Lindsley Allen, and more

Hollywood Vibe

What: "Vibe Live," a series of Instagram Live Q&As with Hollywood Vibe faculty and Dancer of the Year winners

When: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6pm PST

Where: Hollywood Vibe's Instagram

Faculty: Kent Boyd, Adrian Lee, and more, as announced on Instagram

Imagine Dance Challenge

What: Weekly TikTok dance challenges, with selected winners receiving Imagine merchandise

When: New challenge posted every Wednesday

Where: Imagine Dance Challenge's Instagram and TikTok

Impact Dance Adjudicators

What: A virtual dance competition for both solos and group numbers. Once you submit a video (either in the studio or onstage) of your routine, three IDA judges will provide a score sheet and feedback. Overall winners in each age category will win cash prizes and be featured on IDA's website.

When: Solo entries must be submitted by April 8th. Group entries must be submitted by April 17th.

Where: See additional rules and register at

Cost: $30 per entry

New York City Dance Alliance

What: NYCDA Virtual Dance Experience, featuring live classes from NYCDA's convention faculty

When: Ongoing

Where: Catch live class announcements on NYCDA's Instagram. Live classes are streamed at, and combos from the classes are posted on NYCDA's YouTube page

Faculty: Chloe Arnold, Grace Buckley, Joey Dowling, and more


What: "Rev-Virtual," an online convention experience with live-streamed classes and the chance to win scholarships

When: Apr 11-12, Apr 18-19, Apr 25-26, May 2-3

Where: Register and attend at

Cost: $79.00 per dancer for a 2-day virtual convention

Faculty: Derek Mitchell, Jaimie Goodwin, Zach Venegas, and more


What: #ShowstopperClassics, throwback episodes of Showstopper's American Dance Championships

When: Episodes posted every Thursday at 8pm EST

Where: Showstopper's Instagram, with full episodes on YouTube.


What: A live virtual competition for solo and group routines. All routines will receive audio feedback from Starbound judges. Cash prizes and/or gift certificates will be awarded to the highest scoring solo, duo/trio, and group routines, and overall scores will be awarded.

When: Deadline to register for the April 17-19 competition is April 13

Where: Visit the Teacher Center on to register and submit videos of routines. A livestream of the competition will also be held on the website

Cost: $35 per routine


What: Weekly Instagram Live challenges with prizes awarded, as well as an ongoing "Bingo" dance challenge

When: Ongoing

Where: Check Starpower's Instagram for challenge announcements

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