And the Dance Spirit Award for Best Movie Choreography of 2017 Goes To...

(From left) Sally Hawkins, Doug Jones, and Roberto Campanella on the set of The Shape of Water (courtesy Fox Searchlight)

Nope, there's still no Oscar for Best Choreography—but thanks to your votes, we now get to reveal the winner of our own Dance Spirit award for best cinematic choreography of 2017. Though we're big fans of all four of the nominated choreographers, and think each one deserves to be acknowledged for their contributions to some of our favorite films this year, there can only be one winner. And that is...

... Roberto Campanella for The Shape of Water! He's no stranger to choreographing for film (fun fact: he also did the choreo for our favorite dancy Hallmark movie, A Nutcracker Christmas), and his work on this outside-the-box love story was truly mesmerizing. We can't wait to see what's next for this talented artist.

Watch Campanella's acceptance speech below, and then get yourself to a movie theater to see why everyone's so obsessed with the dancing in The Shape of Water.

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