Recap: Top 8 Performances

On last night's show, there were a bunch of forgettable routines and then a few that we’ll always remember (and we predict that one number may even win an Emmy…ahem, Tyce). With hilarious Ellen and opinionated Mia on the judges’ panel, it was surely an entertaining night! And then the most exciting thing happened: Cat announced that this season’s winner will be featured on the cover of Dance Spirit! We’ve been covering this show since it launched and feel so honored to officially pair up with a program that has changed the dance community. Bananas!

And on to the recap…drum roll please!

The Travis Wall group number was phenomenal. Travis is on our hot list right now. The top 8 truly looked like they were having mad fun up there and attacked the movement. Agreed with Nigel, it was so Lady Gaga.
Verdict: Booked on the hot tamale train.

Evan and Janette (jazz)
This was lukewarm for us. It was great to see both of them step way outside of their styles, but neither of them was quirky enough for Sonya’s choreography. Mia said that Janette is her favorite. Lucky girl.
Verdict: Missed the train.

Evan and Janette (rumba)
Okay this time we believed them. Janette was awesome as usual. We thought that Evan's body was strong, and he captured the sexy feel of the dance.
Great one-liner: “You did it, but you did it with a Zoolander face.” –Mia
Verdict: Taking a later train.

Ade and Melissa (cha cha)
This couple is still doing it for us. But this number wasn’t. For a spicy routine, they danced it pretty stiff.
Verdict: Missed the train.

Ade and Melissa (contemporary)
We can’t watch this piece without crying. It. Was. Incredible. So moving. And it shed light on a very serious issue. We totally agree with this comment: “Your maturity gave you the responsibility to carry this routine off.” –Nigel about Melissa
Verdict: Booked on the hot tamale train.

Jason and Kayla (Broadway)
We were smiling throughout the entire performance. It was really strong, sexy and the chemistry was great.
Verdict: Booked on the hot tamale train.


Jason and Kayla (hip hop)
Well, they really got into their zombie characters. This Shane Sparks routine showed off their pretty nasty (and by nasty, we mean awesome!) hip-hop skills. Mia called Kayla “disturbingly hot.” Totally.
Verdict: Booked on the hot tamale train.

Brandon and Jeanine (waltz)
This was very slow and the judges said that they needed more control. True, but they still looked gorgeous.
Verdict: Missed the train.

Brandon and Jeanine (pop jazz)
After they were harshly critiqued on the waltz, they went twice as hard the next time. And it was fierce! We liked that they were side-by-side for most of the routine. Both gave extremely powerful performances. We could watch this over and over.
Verdict: Booked on the hot tamale train.

Spoilers: Tonight’s 100th episode is going to be a big deal with performances by Katie Holmes and past season dancers. Expect to see Ivan, Travis, Benji and Natalie from season 2, Sara, Pasha, Anya and Hok from season 3 and Chelsea, Will, Courtney, Comfort and Joshua from season 4.


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