All We Ever Needed Was Robert Fairchild as Cassie from "A Chorus Line"

Robert Fairchild performing at MCC's 2018 "Miscast" gala (via @robbiefairchild on Instagram)

Well, here's irrefutable proof that we need to make the gender-bending A Chorus Line revival happen NOW.

If you're an aspiring Broadway baby, you're definitely aware of (and probably in awe of) the tour de force that is "The Music and the Mirror." Refresher course: Towards the end of A Chorus Line, a character named Cassie—older and more seasoned than her fellow auditionees—explains to Zach (a disembodied male voice running the audition) why she's trying out for the ensemble, even though Zach tells her she's "too good for the chorus." And by "explains," what we really mean is "belts her face off and dances like there's no tomorrow for a casual nine minutes straight."

On Monday night at MCC Theater's annual Miscast gala (which sees Great White Way greats performing songs from roles they'd never be cast in), former American in Paris Robert Fairchild took on this staggering challenge and totally conquered it. While we do have to admit that we kinda wish he'd danced in character shoes and Cassie's #iconic red leo/skirt combo, Mr. Fairchild absolutely would have made original choreographer Michael Bennett proud. And as it turns out, Fairchild was coached for the number by none other than Charlotte d'Amboise, the Tony-nominated Cassie from A Chorus Line's 2006 Broadway revival.

Until our dream of a gender-reversed A Chorus Line production comes true, you can watch the whole number below. Robbie, all we ever needed was the music, and the mirror, and the chaaaaaaance to daaaaaaaaance with yoooooooooou. 💕

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