This Fabulous Ballet Insta Account Makes All of NYC a Stage

Via Instagram

Ballerina Sara Michelle Murawski and her looooooong legs have taken to the streets. And the grocery store. And the subway. And the Brooklyn Bridge. The reason for her epic journey: A new Insta account, @danceinthebigapple, featuring Murawski and her "ballet twin," Saverio Pescucci, as they dance their way through NYC.

Murawski—an alum of Pennsylvania Ballet (and the ill-fated American National Ballet)—now calls NYC home, training with Wilhelm Burmann, Espen Giljane, and Nancy Bielski and acting as a guest artist and choreographer. @danceinthebigapple is probably her most fun project to date and is sure to make you smile. That is, once you pick your jaw up off the floor after seeing Murawski's insanely beautiful lines.

Follow @danceinthebigapple to see where these two long-limbed beauties dance next.

Dancer to Dancer



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