Shannon Bex of Danity Kane

Before she became a member of Diddy’s girl-group Danity Kane (from MTV’s “Making the Band 3”), Shannon Bex was grooving courtside as
a Portland Trail Blazer dancer. Now, after working with renowned choreographers and touring with pop stars, she still enjoys a plain old dance class. So how did dance prepare the Bend, OR, native for the big, bad world of stardom? While it was a whirlwind summer—including lighting up the stage for
a nationwide Six Flags tour, recording Season 5 of the TV show and helping promote the group’s new clothing line—Shannon finally had time to spill to DS.

DS: How did you first get into dance?
Shannon Bex: I was 6 when I began formal ballet training, but I was dancing down grocery aisles before that.  


DS: How has your ballet training prepared you for the pop world?
SB: Ballet is so immensely challenging because there is so much strength and technique required; it’s very disciplined.


DS: Describe being a BlazerDancer.
SB: We would learn choreography the day of a game, and have to perform it on the court in front of 20,000 people that night. It definitely prepared me for Danity Kane on so many levels.


DS: What made you try out for “Making the Band 3”?
SB: I couldn’t see letting a singing, dancing and recording opportunity pass me by. It’s the hunger of the dancer: You always have to try to get the job.


DS: What’s a typical dance rehearsal like?
SB: It’s about eight hours. We work for three hours, take a break, work another three, take a break, then bang out two hours.


DS: What’s the hardest part of practice?
SB: Learning how your body works. If you need to get some water, get some water.


DS: What advice would you give aspiring professional dancers?
SB: You are the first one who has to believe in yourself. Take criticism and don’t become discouraged. Learn from every situation.


Carrie Schmelkin



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