Sherrie Silver Shares Her Favorite Afro Dance Moves with "Vogue"

Dancer and choreographer Sherrie Silver is living her best life. The 23 year old, who's most recent choreography was featured in Childish Gambino's controversial "This Is America" music video, continues to bring African dance to the forefront of pop culture with the help of Vogue magazine. Brooklyn is the perfect backdrop for this dancing queen as she breaks down five of her favorite Afro dance moves: the Gwara Gwara, the Hipjook, the Neza, the Snakula, and the Shaku Shaku.

Though Silver is from Rwanda, she loves to incorporate moves from all over the continent including Rwanda, South Africa, Central Africa, and West Africa. Now she's sharing the beauty of Afro dance through the classes she teaches and the videos she shares on her social media platforms. Silver is aware of the opportunity she's been given and told Vogue that she wants to use her star power to "take Afro dance and Afro culture to the world, and then take the world to Africa." We love seeing Afro dance take center stage as more people are exposed to the rich culture that it represents.

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