Six Beyond-the-Studio Places to Improv

Roberto David via Getty Images

While dancers tend to spend every waking moment inside the studio, one of the best things about dance is that you can bust out your killer moves pretty much anywhere. So why not get creative with your choice of scenery—especially since it just might spark more creativity in your dancing?

See how many of these out-of-the-box improv spots you can check off your bucket list. All the world's your stage!

The Grocery Store


Admit it: You already strut down the empty aisles of your local supermarket. Why not add in some more advanced choreography?

The Beach


Soft sand, a nice breeze, and waves crashing…sounds like the perfect backdrop for some cool, calm and collected improv (or a full-out dance party).

A Local Landmark


Show your hometown some love by making a well-known spot the scene of your next improv sesh.

A Not-So-Local Landmark


Lucky enough to be taking a trip? Compliment your sightseeing pics with videos of you dancing at iconic locales.

A Park


Wide-open spaces make for beautiful dancing. Take a dancer's version of a nature walk in your favorite park or preserve.

A Closet (No, Seriously)


Here's a challenge: Try improv-ing in a small space, like an open closet or stairwell, and see how it affects your movement. You may discover something new about your dancing!

Just for Fun



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