SYTYCD S6: Top 10

Last night, the top 10 danced for your votes. But this time, the judges won’t decide who goes home on the results show--you will. With the original couples split up for the first time and each dancer performing a solo in addition to two duets with a randomly chosen partner, you got to vote for individual dancers instead of couples.


It was a power-packed night of one great routine after another, but on tonight's results show, the girl and guy with the least votes will go home. Who will it be?? Read on for our take:



Round I:


Noelle and Ryan
Hip Hop: Choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon
One word: hot! We LOVE this new partnership. Though we have to agree with Nigel that Ryan could let go and “feel the funk” a bit more toward the end, the chemistry and story line were spot-on. Noelle and Ryan took the story of an office rendezvous the next level.

Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train

Ashleigh and Legacy
Contemporary: Choreographer Garry Stewart

Wow, talk about a hard-hitting athletic routine. The jumps, rebounds, and rolls just didn’t stop—when did the dancers breathe? Australian choreographer Garry Stewart’s style is very unique, and even Nigel said that learning and performing it in less than a week was the most difficult thing that they will ever do in their dance careers. It was well danced, and the stamina of the dancers was mind-boggling.

Verdict: Taking a Later Train


Solo: Mollee pulled out all the tricks, leaps, and kicks in this solo, all while wearing blue jeans (wow). Russell rocked his solo as the first krumper ever to be in the top ten! And, ahem, we think he took his sweatshirt off just to show off those abs—but we’re not complaining.


Kathryn and Legacy

Broadway: Choreographer Spencer Liff
First off, this was among the best Broadway routines that we’ve seen on the show. Kathryn knows how to draw us in with her effortless connection to her audience, but we agree with Nigel that sometimes Nathan’s smile seemed fake. The baby blue dress was exquisite, and as Adam said, it was a “great job and a beautiful history lesson.”

Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train


Solo: Noelle performed an enjoyably expressive lyrical piece in a cute white babydoll dress. Her aerial was a bit shaky, but overall, the dance was beautifully done.


Ellenore and Jakob

Quickstep: Choreographers Tony and Melanie
Kiss of death? No way! These two didn’t even need an elaborate story line to pull off the most difficult style on the show with great technique and poise. With the ballroom competition theme and the two picking up a trophy at the end of the dance, Mary said, “You deserve that trophy,” and we agree.
Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train

Solo: Ryan’s grandparents and parents met dancing, and he met his wife dancing—it’s in his blood. He pulled off a strong rock solo with masculine ballroom moves. Next, Kathryn performed a fittingly ‘beautiful’ lyrical solo to the song “Beautiful” by Bethany Dillon. And that purple dress was fantastic.


Russell and Mollee
Jazz: Choreographer Mandy Moore

Mollee, Mollee…um…wow. This is the maturity and fire that we’ve been waiting to see! But we can’t forget Russell, who proved his seamless versatility between styles so much that Nigel said he was just as proud as Russel’s dad. The intricate partnering was exquisite, the chemistry was flawless, and Mary deemed them her “favorite couple of the night” while screaming until Adam joked that his ears needed medical attention.
Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train


Solo: Nathan brought out his emotional side in a lyrical piece and let the tears fall as he talked about how much he appreciates his parents. We loved his song choice: “Golden Train” by Justin Nozuka


Round II:


Noelle and Ryan

Smooth Waltz: Choreographers JT and Tomas

This new “power partnership,” as Adam called it, was absolutely captivating as their baby-blue costumes flowed in a picture perfect waltz. The promenade was breathtaking. Mary found no fault in technique, but Nigel wanted Noelle to relax her neck and shoulders a bit.

Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train


Solo: Ellenore brought out her quirky “lockerina” style in full force in this cute solo. She’s certainly one-of-a-kind! Love it!


Ashleigh and Legacy
Hip Hop: Choreographer Dave Scott

Compared to the other dances on this incredibly strong night, this one didn’t impress as much as hoped. As Adam said, it just “wasn’t challenging enough for this point of the competition.” We still love Ashleigh and Legacy, but the story didn’t come through and the costumes were a hindrance.
Verdict: Missed the Train


Katherine and Nathan
Rumba: Choreographers Tony and Melanie

This dance had some spectacular moments (work those long legs, Kathryn) and a couple awkward moments, but Adam still blew Kathryn a kiss! The chemistry and connection of this partnership doesn’t seem to be as strong as the others we’ve seen this week, and we agree with Adam that Kathryn seemed to be supporting Nathan a bit in this piece.

Verdict: Taking a Later Train


Solo: We loved hearing about how B-boy Legacy moved to California and made a living dancing on the street. And oh, those crab walks and head spins—he makes it look so easy!


Ellenore and Jakob
Contemporary: Choreographer Sonya Tayeh

Cat and Adam got goosebumps, Nigel screamed like Mary, and all three judges gave standing ovations. Need we say more? Sonya Tayeh has done it again. Both dancers were equally fantastic: strong, unique, forceful. And p.s. we think Jakob could live with his leg in developpe if he wanted to—amazing.

Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train Times Ten Million


Solo: Ashleigh told us more about the illness that kept her out of dance for years, and she’s not the only one that’s glad she’s back in the game! She rocked that fast ballroom solo in a hot gold fringe costume.


Mollee and Russell
Jive: Choreographers Anya and Pasha (Season 3 Contestants)

The judges enjoyed this one, but we have to admit that we weren’t entirely won by it. Maybe it was just the tough act that they had to follow. The pink “butt-ruffles” on Mollee’s costume were adorable—she certainly did shake it!--and her flip into a split was eye-popping.
Verdict: Taking a Later Train


Solo: How does Jakob do it? His extensions, leaps, and overall technique are mind-boggling. This solo was no exception.

Tonight, the votes will decide it all! Plus, there will be special performances by the LXD dance crew and Snoop Dogg. We can’t wait!

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