SYTYCD S6: Top 12

Tonight all Top 12 dancers battled it out for a spot in the top ten as they gave it everything they had. For the first time this season every couple performed two numbers and we have to say that the Hot Tamale Train is getting a little crowded! It was great to hear what each partnership loves about each other, but we are so sad that some of them will be breaking up.


Ellenore and Ryan (Lindy Hop), Choreographer: Carla Heiney

Talk about starting the show with a party! Ellenore and Ryan were the perfect couple for this high energy, contagiously fun number. These two have to be the most loveable couple on the show with Ryan’s sweet personality (and muscles!) and Ellenore’s quirky sense of humor. Adam loved it and thought they really brought party to the show with their coffee grinder and front flares (Who would have known Ryan is injured?!). Mary thought it was “a stunning routine and felt they both captured the right feel. Nigel said it was terrific to watch.
Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train

Kathryn and Legacy (Jazz), Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Now that’s what we call hard, hot jazz! We love Sonya and the quirky, sexy style she brings to show. Kathryn and Legacy nailed it, and considering Kathryn’s little red-hot leotard, we expected nothing less. Adam thought it was great that Sonya was able to showcase Legacy’s b-boy skills and told the couple if they can keep dancing this well they’ll go all the way! Mary loved Legacy’s crabwalks (OMG!) and felt even the dancing in between the tricks was outstanding. Nigel said it was one of his favorite routines of the season and felt Kathryn was very sexy without even trying.
Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train

Karen and Victor (Tango), Choreographers: Tony Meridith and Melanie Lapatin
We were a little nervous for this new couple, but this partnership is HOT! HOT! HOT! We absolutely loved the costumes and the choreography and were captivated by the performance. Adam felt that Victor had great poise and that Karen did a great job of embracing the stillness of the music resulting in some serious chemistry. Mary also felt Victor did a great job and that Karen was fabulous. Nigel said their chemistry and intensity were beautiful to watch.
Verdict: Karen is booked on the Hot Tamale Train and Victor is picking up steam!

Mollee and Nathan (Hip Hop), Choreographer: Jamal Sims
Well, we’re not so sure America is going to be ring-a-lingin’ in for this couple, but it was still cute and fun. Adam felt they were really selling it, but that Mollee may not have been hitting it as hard as usual due to an injury. Mary thought it picked up steam as it went on, but that things definitely could have been hit a little harder. Nigel said it felt a little like “Dolly Dinkle’s regional hip hop class 101,” and that he is looking forward to seeing them with more mature partners.
Verdict: Taking a later train.

Noelle and Russell (Samba), Choreographers: Tony Meridith and Melanie Lapatin
They were definitely shakin’ their thing out there, but we can’t say we’re convinced. It just seemed a bit too innocent. Adam felt it was too nice and that it needed to get a little more “ugy.” Mary thought it was a little shallow, but that the performance was great. She was left a little disappointed in the end. Nigel also felt that Noelle was too sweet and needed to be sexier, but that Russell did great considering his training.
Verdict: Taking a later train.

Ashleigh and Jakob (Lyrical Jazz), Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Oh my Jakob!!! And where did Ashleigh come from? Why do these two have to break up? Just one more week, please! Sonya gave them a beautiful and absolutely captivating routine that is sure to propel them into the top 10. Adam was at a loss of words. He felt it was so beautiful and is sad to see the partnership break up. Mary said that you can’t fake the chemistry these two have and even began to cry at the thought of them splitting up. Nigel said this is now his favorite routine on this show and that he, too, will be sad to see the pair of them split up.
Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train!


Ellenore and Ryan Broadway, Choreographer: Spencer Liff
These two could not have played their characters any better. The precision of their movement was unreal- we loved it. Adam felt that they nailed it and were able to “really fill the smallness with energy.” He even called Ellenore a rock star! Mary called Ryan a “true professional dancer” and Ellenore the “it girl.” Nigel loved the choreography and the dancers, and he is putting them through to the top ten.
Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train!

Kathryn and Legacy (Viennese Waltz), Choreographers: Jean-Marc Genereaux and Paris Mousseau
Kathryn was breathtaking in blue, but Legacy struggled a bit without any break dancing to back him up. However, his emotional speech about hope made us think, “What mistakes?” Adam felt that Legacy gave ballroom an extraordinary attempt, but that he still has a few things to work on. Kathryn, however, he felt was so gorgeous and having a great night. Mary said that it wasn’t the best and missing some technique, but that she hopes they will be gliding into the top ten. Nigel said that Legacy did not do his best, but that Kathryn had stolen the evening.
Verdict: Taking a later train.

Karen and Victor (Hip Hop), Choreographer: LaurieAnn Gibson
We were all about this couple after their first number, but now we’re not so sure. We love LaurieAnn’s jazz numbers, but this hip hop piece seems to have missed the mark. Adam felt the attitude and the choreography didn’t match the music, but that they danced it well. Mary thought that it was just okay and had nothing to make it memorable. Nigel didn’t feel the chemistry between the pair of them or with the music, and he couldn’t find anything positive to say.
Verdict: Missed the train.

Mollee and Nathan (Cancan), Choreographer: Tyce Diorio
Can Mollee and Nathan Cancan? Yes they can! Adam felt that these two were the perfect couple to get this style because it is “just a bunch of hopping energizer bunnies.” He loved it and thought it was fabulous. Mary felt that they killed it despite Mollee’s injury and that it was so enjoyable and fun. Nigel thought they did it with all the enthusiasm and energy required and that they were a super way to finish the show.
Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train.

Noelle and Russell (Contemporary), Choreographer: Tyce Diorio
Russell, are you sure you haven’t had any formal training? WOW! Both dancers’ technique was showcased in this number and they were fabulous. Adam was really touched by the concept of the piece and felt that they were absolutely gorgeous. He’s convinced that they aren’t going anywhere. Mary felt that the number was “out of this world.” Nigel said they definitely left something for everyone to remember them by.
Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train.

Ashleigh and Jakob (Cha Cha), Choreographers: Jean-Marc Genereaux and Paris Mousseau
Adam said, “This is Ashleigh’s world and we’re all just visiting.” But, he did say that Jakob made himself seem like he was a ballroom dancer and that they are the couple of the night. Mary felt that they just blew it out of the ball park and that Ashleigh was fantastic. Nigel said, “While that may have been a cha cha, they are waltzing through to the top ten.”
Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train!

Who’s headed home? With the Hot Tamale Train jam-packed it’s hard to tell! However, we do feel that Karen and Victor will be dancing for their lives after ending with a disappointing hip hop number. Tune in tomorrow to see special performances by American Ballet Theater and Shakira, and be sure not to miss the announcement of American’s Top Ten Dancers!!!

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