"SYTYCD" Season 16 hopefuls at the Academy (Adam Rose/FOX)

9 Dancers We Want to See on "SYTYCD" Season 17

"So You Think You Can Dance" has been renewed for a 17th season—and we are HERE FOR IT. We can't wait for another summer of truly great dancing on TV! It's always exciting to watch an impressive newcomer excel in contemporary, a b-boy slay in ballroom, or a contestant from a previous season completely transform. Here are nine dancers we want to inspire us on this season of the show.

Kaeli Ware

Ballerina Kaeli Ware poses in a deep second position on pointe on a warm orange background, wearing a purple floral patterned leotard,

Photo by Nathan Sayers

Obviously, we're big fans of the impossibly long-limbed ballet dancer. She had such a good run on Season 16—here's hoping 2020 is her year!

Jade Chynoweth

Another one we (clearly) can't get enough of. You can find Jade in the dictionary under "powerhouse," and there's nothing like a strong female dominating the stage on "SYT."

Samuel Sweetser (and His Son Koa)

While Samuel's b-boy performance last season was super impressive, it was his son Koa who really stole the show. Talk about cuteness overload! We hope to see them both again this summer.

Jarrod Tyler Paulson

This contemporary gem—aka the supportive boyfriend of Season 16's Madison Jordan—is both an incredibly fierce dancer and an incredibly sweet person. We'd be thrilled to see him make the Top 10 this time around.

Ysabelle Capitulé

The super-talented hip-hop queen is already an Instagram and YouTube standout. We'd love to see her bring the presence that makes her so magnetic online to the "SYT" stage.

Trent and Colton Edwards

The dynamic twin duo! Last season, Trent was cut after dancing for his life in the hip-hop round, and Colton was cut after the ballroom, but the contemporary dancers still managed to win the hearts of fans everywhere.

Erica Klein

A technical dynamo who can seemingly do anything, Erica has a captivating presence that we think would make her a surefire hit on "SYT."

Jerry Harris

Not only is Jerry from "Cheer" a walking ray of sunshine—the "SYT" dancers could seriously use his mat talk during Academy week—but he can also partner like no other. It'd be the crossover of our dreams!

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