SYTYCD: Season 6 auditions begin!

It seems like only weeks ago that Jeanine was crowned America's Favorite Dancer. Oh wait--it WAS only weeks ago! But we're back already for Season 6 of SYTYCD, which promises to be tapper-ific. Last night's audition episode took us to L.A., where we reconnected with Evan's older bro Ryan. A HOT tap battle between Ryan and fellow auditionee Bianca ensued--Adam Shankman called it the most fun he's ever had at a SYTYCD audition! We also met Phillip, another tapping sensation, whose super-smooth solo was almost as adorable as his dimples.

Can't wait for Boston auditions next week! And get excited for our November cover story on Jeanine--we're just putting it together here at DS headquarters, and she is AMAZING!




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