SYTYCD Top 16 Performance Recap

Spoilers! The BeatFreakz will be performing with The Veronicas tonight. Tabitha and Napoleon choreographed the Top 16 group number. It’s going to be a great show! As for last night, the performances could’ve been stronger. There were definitely some disappointments. Read on.

Booked on the hot tamale train:

Ade and Melissa
Not only did Melissa look gorgeous (we dug her teased side-pony), but she also proved once again that she’s more than just a bunhead. The girl can really pick up other styles, and we’re growing to become big fans. Ade was a supportive partner. Their chemistry was crazy sexy! Props.

Finally a well-executed hard-hitting, nasty hip-hop routine! Wahoo. They were synchronized, and Brandon showed off his popping skills. We appreciated Janette’s sassy, ganky swagger. They did Dave Scott’s choreography justice. We just wish we could’ve seen them try one of Shane’s numbers last week. Sigh.

They win the award for most memorable routine of the night! That was partly because of their stellar performance and partly due to Mia’s provocative choreography. This pair (who were the unanimous editors’ choice award yesterday) didn’t break character with their bouncy, cheeky movement. We felt they were really “in” it. Very cute.

Taking a later train:

Kupono and Kayla
We were delighted to see that these two dance pretty well together. There was a creaminess to their Vietnamese Waltz. Marry got excited by it (and we did too!). It was pleasant to watch. Good job team K&K.

Jason and Caitlin
Drama, drama, drama! Jason is such a confident, powerful dancer. We were disappointed that the judges criticized him since we favored his performance over other routines of the evening. How hot was it when he grabbed Caitlin’s face at the end of the number? And she rocked too!

Philip and Jeanine
Oh Jeanine, we’re so proud of you. Every week you show off your acting and dancing skills, and this week you were especially strong. We could totally see you on Broadway! And we’re praying that Philip gets better at other styles besides hip hop. We’d hate to see him go, but at this point, Jeanine is carrying him in terms of technique.

Missed the train:

Jonathan and Karla
We agree with guest judge Toni Basil that this duo didn’t find the funk or groove needed for the piece. They weren’t in sync, powerful or “gangsta.” We’re sad because we loved them in last week’s contemporary piece. Will they be going home tonight? Tear.

Vitolio and Asuka
It was supposed to be a thrashing punk-rock jazz routine, but it ended up seeming like an elementary jazz routine from the ’80s (not your fault Mandy Moore!). Vitolio was semi-strong, but Asuka did not play her character. The lifts were great, and we know she has awesome legs, but she wasn’t contracted or funky enough to fit the choreography. Toni summed it up when she advised, “Don’t let your technique get in the way of your emotions.”

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