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Yesterday we reported that Adrianne Haslet-Davis, the ballroom dancer who lost part of her leg in the Boston Marathon bombings, would take the stage at the TED2014 conference in Vancouver. And take the stage she did—well, more like burned a hole through it!

The special performance came Wednesday afternoon during a session given by Hugh Herr, a double amputee and director of biomechatronics at MIT. He spoke about his path to bionics and the new technologies his team is working on. (It's pretty fascinating stuff—read the TED2014 wrap-up for more.) Before the session ended, Herr invited Adrianne to the stage to exhibit a prosthetic limb he built after meeting her last year in the aftermath of the bombings:

Adrianne performed a rumba with Christian Lightner.
Photo by James Duncan Davidson/TED

To design Adrianne's limb, Herr's team studied dance for a 200-day research period, looking at how dancers move and the forces applied to a body in motion.
Photo by James Duncan Davidson/TED

“Bionics are not only about making people stronger and faster,” Herr said yesterday. “Our expression, our humanity can be embedded into our electromechanics.”
Photo by James Duncan Davidson/TED

We love how happy she looks. You go, Adrianne!
Photo by James Duncan Davidson/TED

It's said that Adrianne is scheduled to perform on an upcoming episode of "Dancing with the Stars." We can't wait to cheer her on.

Dance News


Adrianne Haslet-Davis (Photo by Bizuayehu Tesfaye/AP)

Last spring, we introduced you to Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a dancer who lost her left foot as a result of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Her story is heartbreaking, to say the least, but from the moment tragedy struck, Adrianne presented an optimistic, hopeful and, frankly, beautiful outlook.

"I can't let some[one] come along and steal my whole life," the ballroom dance instructor said. "And next year, though I've never been a runner, yes, I plan to run the marathon."

Now, with this year's Boston Marathon coming up in just a few weeks, Adrianne is inspiring as ever. She will take the stage today at a TED conference in Vancouver debuting a prosthetic leg "fit for dancing." The leg, designed by MIT's Hugh Herr (a double amputee himself), was made specifically for Adrianne after the two met at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital after the bombings.

Herr assured Adrianne she would dance again.

And today, at the TED Conference, she plans to do just that. Click here to read more about the leg Herr designed for Adrianne.

(Adrianne will also perform on an upcoming episode of "Dancing with the Stars!")

Dance News

Adrianne Haslet-Davis and her husband, Adam Davis, still smiling after last week's tragedy.

After the horrific tragedy of last week's Boston Marathon bombing, it's nice to see stories of hope and resilience (and heroics!) popping up around the web. But things really hit home when I came across Adrianne Haslet-Davis's story.

Before last Monday's marathon, Adrianne was a ballroom instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Boston's Park Plaza. But after surviving the second bomb blast, she woke up in the hospital to learn she no longer had her left foot—an absolutely devastating discovery for anyone.

Her response?

“I can’t let some [one] come along and steal my whole life. So, I’ll dance again. And next year, though I’ve never been a runner, yes, I plan to run the marathon.”

Inspiring to say the least. We can't wait to see Adrianne back on the dance floor and running next year's marathon! Until then, we'll be sending lots of prayers and well wishes her way.

Watch an interview with Adrianne here:


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