What hasn't Alex Wong done? He conquered the ballet world, performing as a principal soloist with Miami City Ballet. He blew up Broadway in the cast of Newsies. He almost made it to the end of "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 7 (with his #1 fan being none other than Ellen DeGeneres) before coming back to rock it as an All-Star this season. And now we find out that he's a pop singer? With a music video?

I mean, I guess we knew Alex could at least kind of sing—he had to carry more than a few tunes in Newsies. But his new song, "Crave," proves that he's got a real set of pipes. (Although I do wish there were less auto-tuning. Wong apparently also made it to Hollywood Week on "American Idol"—of course he did—which means the talent is real! Don't digitize it away!)

And then there's the music video. I...I don't know. Is it straight-up awesome, or kind of...awfulsome? It sort of looks like it might have been filmed during downtime on the "SYTYCD" set. Then again, it's the best full-out dancing I've seen in a music video in a loooong time. Long story short? I can't stop watching it.

See (and hear) Alex for yourself!

Now that Jennifer Lopez is such a megastar, it can be easy to forget that she actually started out as a dancer (a Fly Girl, no less!). But J. Lo just announced that she's shooting a 3D concert film—and it sounds like it might take her back to her dancing roots.

Dance Again will apparently tell the story of the past few years in Lopez's life, which have been something of a roller coaster ride, to put it mildly. But the theme of the film, and J. Lo's motto? Always get back up and dance again. And since Lopez's concerts are famously dance-y, we have reason to hope that the film will take that credo literally!

To get you revved up for Dance Again, here's Lopez's recent dance-tastic performance of her hit song of the same name on "American Idol":


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