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You know what they say: "Age is just a number." But no one proves that quite like Joyce Harper. At 98 (!) years old she's still teaching ballet, and is currently breaking the internet with her adorableness.

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Picture this: It's your third class of the day, and you're exhausted. After a marathon of a barre, you've got almost nothing left—but you're prepared to squeeze out every last bit of energy for center. Then adagio happens. And after promenade number four (bazillion), something awful occurs: Your arabesque begins to droop. (NOOOO!)

You'll probably get a speech about how in the "good old days," ballet masters would whack you with a stick for such an offense. But the "good old days" are over, and we have to decide the new, 21-century punishment for lackluster arabesques.

Cue L-Munny and the sophomore dance majors of Ryerson University. Their hilarious new video, "Don't Drop That Arabesque," uses rap as a semi-instructional tool, and we're OBSESSED with it.

Just remember the wise words of L-Munny: "Ballet ain't easy. It's never turned down." That's right...ballet turns down for nothing. Happy Saturday!


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