...Carly Rae Jepsen!

The "Call Me Maybe" singer will take over the title role of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical on February 4.

Did you see that one coming? We didn't, either. (And a part of our hearts will always be dedicated to the lovely, Tony-nominated Laura Osnes, who's performed the role since the show opened last spring.) But we know the girl can sing. And maybe she'll have great chemistry with new stepmother Fran Drescher, who'll step into the show the same day. We'd watch that, maybe.

As always, new casting = new ghetto Photoshopping opportunities for us, yay! Cinderella with bangs—interesting:

Original photos (L to R): Carol Rosegg/AP, Sara Krulwich/NYTimes

Isn't it nice when contests keep things simple? NBC's "TODAY" show has announced an awesomely straightforward challenge: Send in a video of your best dancing—any style, any song. Are you into classical ballet? Classical Indian dance? Have you had 20 years of training? No training? Do you feel compelled to make yet another "Gangnam Style" parody? How about "Call Me Maybe"? Anything goes—just show 'em what you've got! On October 26, the contest's five winners will appear on "TODAY," where they'll participate in a live dance-off. Fun, right? (I'm kind of hoping we end up seeing a krumper facing off with, say, this guy's mom.)

Of course, there are a few rules—the most important one being that the deadline to submit videos is Friday, October 19. Click here  to find out all the details.

And while you're at it—we want to see your moves, too! Enter our Video of the Month and Cover Model Search contests at dancemedia.com. Good luck!


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