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Because who doesn't want their feet to look as gorgeous as Sara's? (Photo by Christopher Lane)

Ah, the quest for the perfect, foot-flattering, technique-enhancing pointe shoe: It can feel like a never-ending saga. Still on the hunt for that ideal pair? Then you won't want to miss The School at Steps' annual Pointe Shoe Workshop and Fair, happening this Sunday, April 22nd, at 6:30 pm in NYC.

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Okay, so it's also Friday the 13th. (Eek! Be sure not to let any black cats cross your path on the way to the studio!)

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Dancer to Dancer

This Nationals season, Dance Spirit followed four talented dancers from The Dance Awards, NYCDA, Showstopper, and Starpower for an inside look at everything that goes into the biggest competitions of the year. First up: Isabella Torres from Mid-Atlantic Center for the Performing Arts in Baltimore, MD, who competed at New York City Dance Alliance Nationals for the first time this year. (All photos courtesy Shannon Torres.)

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Dance Fashion

There's nothing like a pair of pointe shoes—especially when they're candy-colored, bedazzled, and covered in lace! Check out some of our favorites:

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Dance News

Yes, you read that right. Our favorite pre-teen celebrity is now a brand ambassador for Capezio.

Maddie's no stranger to fashion shoots, and she absolutely kills it in her Capezio photos. I mean, just look at this gorgeousness:

(Photo by Sinisha Nisevic via Capezio)

As usual, Maddie has a knack for switching up her look and body language to suit the moment, whether it's performing in one of Sia's emotionally draining music videos, walking the red carpet at an awards show or fashion event or posing in a fashion editorial. She and her #fiercehair are just unstoppable. Congrats, Maddie!

Dance Fashion

Whether it’s your first pair or your 50th, picking out the right pointe shoes can be difficult. Dance Spirit talked to Victoria Lyman, owner of Allegro Dance Boutique in Evanston and Barrington, IL—the Joffrey Academy of Dance’s shop of choice—to get the lowdown on the latest shoes. These picks are comfortable, flexible and quieter than ever before. Finding your perfect pointe shoe just got a little bit easier!

Lyman says: “Your feet are always changing, so it’s important to make sure you’re fitted for shoes regularly.”


Box narrows slightly, making it a good choice for dancers with tapered toes

Made with a new glue that reduces sound



Bloch Inc.—Hanna, S0109L

Lower heel means less bunched-up fabric on pointe

Soft shank helps you get all the way over your box



Gaynor Minden—Standard Pink Satin Sleek Heel

Elastic drawstring ties on the side of the foot, so it’s easy to hide

Lining wicks moisture and helps keep your shoes smelling fresh

Sleek heel and profile show off your pretty arches



Só Dança—Claudia, SD09

Softer shank lets you roll through demi-pointe more easily

Supportive wings

Wide platform helps with balance



Sansha—La Pointe No.3

Pre-darned platform—the work’s done for you!

High vamps, high sides and medium support make this shoe a good fit for feet of moderate strength and flexibility.

Hard shank will last through countless relevés


Mirella —Whisper, MS140

Plush lining + built-in toe pad = super-comfortable

Lightweight and quiet




Capezio —Studio Pointe, 1122

Available with a super-hard shank that’s good for dancers with strong feet

Elastic drawstrings and binding keep the shoe from slipping off your heel




Photography by Nathan Sayers.

(photo by Nathan Sayers)

Who said dance bags couldn't be durable and super-cute? This Capezio duffel is perfect for toting around all your dance needs, from shoes to leos to rollers—there's plenty of room and lots of personality, thanks to the adorable charms and tassels. Enter for a chance to win by “following” Dance Spirit on Facebook and filling out the form below.


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Dance News

Calling all fashionistas! Capezio tapped our always-fierce co-cover girl Larsen Thompson to star in the photos for its new Summer Collection by Betsey Johnson, the reigning queen of sassy style. And, basically, we're #obsessed.

Her majesty, punk princess. (photo via Capezio)

Everyone knows a good dance/fashion collab is one of our most favorite things. So naturally, we swooned when Johnson released her first Capezio collection last summermodeled by the one and only Maddie Ziegler.

Johnson's latest collection is every bit as fab: Think loads of tulle, edgy prints, ballet pink and super hot accessories (that jewelry ?). And there's Larsen, cementing her supermodel status by giving us her signature face, look after look. NBD.

Check 'em out for yourself!

Um, that choker. Need we say more? (photo via Capezio)

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