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There's a new challenge taking over social media and it's bringing out the dancer in everyone. So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation winner Kida Burns (aka Kida the Great) has inspired a new trend thanks to an impromptu dance session in his kitchen. In a recent Instagram post, Kida and fellow dancer Jabari Timmons break it down to the tune of the Nintendo Wii song.

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Dance News

If you're a dance teamer or a wannabe Rockette, you'll agree that there's nothing quite as awesome as a perfectly precise kickline. That's why you should get excited for National Dance Week Foundation's Kick It Challenge, which runs through the end of November. For this annual event, NDWF invites you to learn its intermediate/advanced choreography (or create your own) and upload videos of your dance team or studio rocking those high kicks.

Want to get in on the fun? Watch the official "Kick It" choreography here:

And get a more detailed breakdown here:

Now teach it to every dancer you know!

Find more details and upload your video at Happy kicking!


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