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courtesy Pandora Jewelry and The Madison Square Garden Company

You don't know the true meaning of "holiday spirit" until you've watched the Radio City Rockettes and Ciara co-teach a dance class.

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screenshot via YouTube

If anyone's going to demonstrate how to break out some fresh dance moves it might as well be Ciara. This dancing diva is working on her seventh album, and everyone knows that any great album should be served with a side of dancing. So Ciara decided to show Vogue five of her fiercest moves—and we are here for every single one of them.

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Including our fave guest judge from last season, Misty Copeland! (NBC)

Have you been thinking that what NBC's "World of Dance" really needs is a bit of star power? Like, J.Lo and Derek Hough and Ne-Yo and Jenna Dewan are nice and all, but the show would benefit from some true A-listers?

LOLZ, no, of course you haven't been thinking that. But because "WOD" loves us and wants us to be even happier, the show just announced the addition of no fewer than six big names to this season's already-glittery lineup of mentors and guest judges—including some major dance-world luminaries.

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"My comeback on 💯" (via YouTube)

We've always been impressed by Ciara's very legit dance skills. But for "Level Up," the first single she's released since 2015, the star decided to create a dance vid that is actually on another level.

How'd she do it? By recruiting choreographer extraordinaire Parris Goebel and her epic ReQuest Dance Crew. We knew "Level Up" was a banger from the second we first heard it, but by their powers combined, Ciara, Goebel, and the ReQuest dancers make it into an absolutely irresistible dance jam.

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Dancer to Dancer
Photo by Be More Media, courtesy Jose Ramos

Jose Ramos' resumé reads like a VMA attendance list: Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Ciara, Diddy, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé have all enlisted his incredible skills as a choreographer and dancer. With clientele like that, it's no wonder that Ramos goes by the nickname " Hollywood." But while his life sounds like a fairytale now, Ramos had to work hard to end up in the "happily ever after" stage of his story.

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OK, I know it's a little bit early for this, but I'm gonna go ahead and tell you guys my New Year's resolution: In 2015, I resolve to be, a third as cool as the girls of Will "WilldaBeast" Adams' LilBeasts.

Yaass, ladies.

You know we've been all about the LilBeasts for a while now. So many of the hip-hop minis catching our eyes these days turn out to be WilldaBeast disciples. (Exhibit A: Taylor Hatala.) He sure has a gift for finding and cultivating swag in its earliest of stages.

So why the sudden, new-found need to declare my love and admiration for the lady LilBeasts, in particular? A couple weeks ago, WilldaBeast posted a new video to Ciara's "That's Right," featuring Sydney Rosefsky, Jordyn Jones, Tati McQuay, Kyndall Harris, Kaycee Rice and Lexee Smith.'s amazing.

Got to go start practicing. 2015 is just around the corner!

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Ciara recently visited Nigeriaand managed to do some authentic Nigerian dancing before heading home. The resulting video is both gorgeous and totally joyful.

Ciara posing with her dancers in Lagos, Nigeria (via @tessydenny)

In the clip, we see Ciara barefoot in the streets of Lagos, performing a dance choreographed by local star Kafayat Shafau-Ameh that incorporates traditional African styles. She's joined by her dancers Saidah Nairobi (who was recently seen killing it at the Super Bowl alongside Queen Bey) and Lilly Leithner, as well as Shafau-Ameh’s dancers Tessy Denny and Rebby Sexie.

Here's how Ciara captioned the film on Facebook:

“UNREAL!! #Dancing, Vibing, and Learning #Nigerian Dance In the Streets of #Lagos! #DolphinEstates. I Couldn’t Leave Without Doing this! The Soul, The Culture, The Passion Here Is Unreal!! Thank You For Opening Up Your Neighborhood To Me and My Dancers and Letting Us Feel Your soul! #Africa”

It's perfect #MotivationMonday viewing:

Ciara Nigerian DanceUNREAL!!#Dancing, Vibing, and Learning #Nigerian Dance In The Streets Of #Lagos! #DolphinEstates. I Couldn't Leave Without Doing This! The Soul, The Culture, The Passion Here Is Unreal!! Thank You For Opening Up Your Neighborhood To Me and My Dancers and Letting Us Feel Your soul! #Africa ❤

Posted by Ciara on Tuesday, March 1, 2016


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There was #GirlPower a plenty at the fifth annual Black Girls Rock! Awards last night. Hosted by showbiz greats Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King, the event celebrated the achievements of black women in the arts and beyond, including Selma director Ava DuVernay and humanitarian Helene D. Gayle, among others.

A handful of performances paid tribute to each trailblazer: Ciara (who looked absolutely gorgeous not in pointe shoes) sang her newest hit "I Bet," and Kathy Sledge, Cheryl Lynn and Alicia Myers gave a rousing medley of "Got to Be Real," "I Want to Thank You" and "We Are Family." (Check out their backup dancers' super-groovy throwback moves—roller skates never disappoint.)

Disco balls + roller skates = '70s magic

Estelle gave the most dancer-ful performance of the evening: While she belted "Conqueror" downstage, four women gracefully moved behind a back-lit screen upstage. It was very Pilobolus-at-the-Oscars, minus the cute factor, and the result was a beautifully moving tableau. (I, for one, would love to hear this #GirlPower anthem at competitions this year—it would totally make for a fierce group routine.) Enjoy!

Black Girls Rock!, aims to promote leadership and self-empowerment of young women of color. Visit the non-profit's website to learn more, and check out a re-airing of the awards show Tuesday, April 7 on BET.

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Why, Ciara, why? That's the question we've been asking ever since we saw the R&B star's latest video, "I Bet," in which she straps on a pair of pointe shoes.

You may be thinking, "OK, it can't be that bad...right?" Well, let's just say #SickleCity Ballet Company has found its newest principal:

She's lucky her ankles survived the making of this video.

Look, we're huge fans of ballet—and dance in general—in mainstream music videos. We seriously flipped when Shaping Sound backed up Carrie Underwood, and when Florence + The Machine's "Spectrum" featured dancers from California's Southland Ballet Academy/Festival Ballet Theatre; we were all about TSwift's witty Swan Lake parody and Kanye West's "Runaway" video. But Ciara's attempt at pointework is another story.

Now, Ciara does deserve a lot of credit. She looks pretty fantastic (barefoot) in that white leo and matching legwarmers—amazing enough to rival Queen Bey herself. Example A:

Everyone needs a white turtleneck bodysuit #fierce.

And the video's moments of pure hairography genius are stunning. Example B:


But then an image like Example C flashes across the screen, and all that was right in the world is forgotten:

Wait for it...

...some things you can't unsee.

Unless you're a trained ballet dancer, and you know for a fact you won't injure yourself (or your viewers' eyes), just leave the pointe shoes out of it. That's our PSA and we're sticking to it.

What do you think about Ciara's video? Are you having Free People flashbacks? Or do you think we're overreacting? Take a look at "I Bet" below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.




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