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If you're not in class yourself, you might as well be watching the pros take class—amiright? Here at DS, we're serious dance nerds—riveted by pro classes and the chance to dissect our favorite dancers' every tendu.

Dancers with the Mariinsky Ballet

Thanks to the UK's Telegraph newspaper, your latest opportunity to binge-watch ballet technique has arrived. Until August 13, you can witness glorious Russian perfection—aka the Mariinsky Ballet in company class.

Of course, the company is amazing onstage. But sometimes that level of performance can feel a little bit, well, unattainable. So it's comforting to know that we all start class with the same plié and just work from there. And this kind of behind-the-scenes footage is just downright inspiring. Click here to watch the whole class.



Lovely ladies: a screen shot from "The Guardian"'s first peek at Bolshoi company class.

What's the only thing better than seeing gorgeous professional ballet dancers onstage? Watching them in their daily class, where we can observe them working through their flaws, just as we do in our own ballet classes. (Well, admittedly, their flaws are a bit less obvious than ours.)

The Bolshoi Ballet is on tour in London right now, and last week British paper The Telegraph got a little peek at the troupe's ballet class. But tomorrow morning, they're giving us the whole shebang: livestreamed video of a complete Bolshoi company class, in all its sweaty, intimate, beautiful glory.

The bad news? The class is at 11 am London time, which means East Coasters will have to get up at 6 am to catch the feed. But really, could there be a better reason to drag yourself out of bed? (And if you're a West Coaster who can't quite stomach the idea of getting up at 3 am, never fear: A version of the stream will be available to watch on The Telegraph's site until August 26.)


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