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Congratulations to the January Cover Model Search Editors' Choice video winner, Morgan Higgins! Catch her solo below, and enter the Cover Model Search here!

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Congratulations to the February Cover Model Search Editors' Choice video winner, Abigail Jackson! Catch her solo below, and enter the Cover Model Search here.

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Congratulations to the November Cover Model Search Editors' Choice video winner, Diego Pasillas! Catch his solo below, and enter the Cover Model Search here!

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Cover Model Search

Just a few months after the Cover Model Search finalists visited NYC, Alexa Anderson returned to the city to perform in choreographer Jaci Royal’s show, Beneath the Surface. Alexa, a principal dancer in the piece, portrayed someone whose heart had been broken. In a particularly compelling scene, ropes encircled Alexa’s waist, connecting her to other cast members who tugged at her body. Without relinquishing her physical control, Alexa thrashed, conveying her character’s frayed emotional state.

We weren’t surprised to see Alexa take center stage. After all, she’s got serious skills: rock-solid technique, a tireless work ethic and an effervescent personality that makes even the most basic steps sparkle. You saw these qualities in Alexa, too, and voted her your 2010 Cover Model Search winner!

After her stop in NYC, Alexa headed to Massachusetts for the Generation IV Dance Summer Intensive, where she trained with some of the commercial dance scene’s biggest names, including Travis Wall, Teddy Forance and Misha Gabriel—the perfect preparation for her upcoming move to L.A. We’re confident that Alexa’s CMS triumph is only the beginning of a successful career.

Dance Spirit: What does it feel like to win the Cover Model Search?

Alexa Anderson: It’s unbelievable. To see that my hard work is paying off is great.

DS: What was your favorite part of the CMS week in NYC?

AA: I liked the photo shoot—I don’t get to do that every day! It was interesting to figure out what looked good, and it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

DS: You had tons of support from voters. Who supported you the most?

AA: My friends and family. They created a Facebook group for me and put up posters all around my hometown encouraging people to vote.

DS: Did you get any especially touching words of support?

AA: One of my first dance teachers sent me a message that said, “I recognized something in you and I’m so proud you made something of it.”

DS: How has your dancing changed since the CMS trip to NYC?

AA: I haven’t been traveling as much. I’ve had the weekends off, so I’ve stayed home and focused on improving technically.

DS: How did you get involved with Jaci’s show and what have you learned from the experience?

AA: She held auditions in Arizona—that’s where she’s from—and in L.A. I went to the Arizona audition. It was laid-back. She wanted to see technique, so we went across the floor and did a combination. Her style is different from what I do. My natural movement is little and quick; hers is big and animated. It changed my dancing for the better and made me a more versatile performer.

DS: When and why did you decide to move to L.A.?

AA: I made the choice to move to L.A. in May. I want to be exposed to different teachers and styles. The decision was difficult for me, so I consulted my friends, family and teachers. Their input helped, but the decision to move to L.A. was my own. I have friends there and saw how much work they were getting and heard about the classes at studios like EDGE Performing Arts Center and Millennium Dance Complex. I’m going to train for a while and start auditioning for commercial jobs. I’m also going to start taking college courses online.

DS: What are you most excited about?

AA: I’m looking forward to taking class with Mandy Moore. And there are hip-hop classes there that you can’t get anywhere else, which will be good because I haven’t had a lot of hip-hop training.

DS: What are your career goals?

AA: To continue dancing and growing, whether I’m fortunate enough to be in a company, touring, teaching or choreographing. I never want to be stagnant. I always want to be learning and evolving. I would also love to travel overseas.

DS: What’s your advice for future CMS hopefuls?

AA: Be yourself and show who you are. That will get people to vote for you.

Dear Readers,

Wow! Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. I feel extremely blessed to have had this opportunity. The response I’ve gotten from the dance community has been overwhelming, and I’m touched voters thought I was worthy of this honor. I couldn’t be more grateful to Dance Spirit for recognizing young dancers like me. To my friends, family and all those who reached out to me personally with kind words—I can’t even describe how much your thoughtfulness means to me. I feel more inspired, energized and confident than ever before. I’m blown away!



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