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The first time I saw the new "Dance Central 3" commercial, I couldn't stop grinning. I mean, it shows a series of dance offs to solve every kind of problem. Who wouldn't love that?!

Get pulled over by a cop? Dance off.

Soccer brawl? Dance off.

Political debate? Dance off.

Sounds pretty great, right?! Watch the commercial here:

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Remember waaaaay back in June, when we gave you the heads-up about the latest version of "Dance Central"—the video game in which your whole body, thanks to the Xbox Kinect system, is the controller? We were super-psyched about the fact that "Dance Central 3" would teach you some of Usher's slickest moves, routines based on actual choreography from his music videos.

Well, "Dance Central 3" has arrived, and it's even better than we imagined. In addition to the Usher amazingness, there are more than 40 other songs to choose from, by artists like Nicki Minaj, Daft Punk and (my personal favorite) New Kids on the Block. This game will teach you how to Dougie—or how to do the Hustle. You can even share the goodness with up to seven of your best dance friends, thanks to "Crew Throwdown," which lets teams of dancers battle it out.

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Want to dance like—or with—Usher? You might just get to do both. The pop superstar recently announced two projects that will allow fans to learn from and interact with him—virtually.

First, a concert he'll play June 11 at the Hammersmith Apollo in London (it'll be streamed live here at 4 pm EST) will feature dancing digital avatars created by online viewers. Apparently the specifics of this neat party trick are still being figured out, but a virtual me dancing next to Usher? Sounds pretty awesome.

Usher has also collaborated with Harmonix on "Dance Central 3" for Xbox 360, out later this year. You'll be able to learn routines set to Usher favorites "OMG" and "Scream," with choreography based on the actual dances the star performed on tour and in his music videos. Here's Usher talking about the project, and showing off some of his signature moves at Microsoft's "Dance Central" presentation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo:


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