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(Courtesy Lesia Trubat, via Designboom)

There's been a lot of buzz lately about new technology designed to capture to capture the movement of dance. The latest development? PREPARE FOR THE ATTACK OF THE ROBO-POINTE-SHOES!

JK. But you have to admit, they look a little Terminator-y. This new invention, which is actually called E-Traces Pointe Shoes, was developed by designer Lesia Trubat and published in Designboom magazine. The pointe shoes are equipped with a micro-controller board that records changes in pressure as the ballerina dances. It then converts those changes into visual interpretations.

Confused? We were too. Allow us to translate tech-talk into our language.

Chaînés look like this:

Rond de jambes looks like this:

And tour jetés look like this:


OK, I'm done. I promise.

It's pretty cool, right?! We're not entirely sold on the idea that this technology will serve as a new form of dance notation. But it could definitely be interesting as a backdrop or technological supplement to a live show—and Trubat's introductory video, "E-Traces, Memories of Dance," gives us a little preview of what that might look like:



Dance News

Last night, the ghost, err, hologram of Michael Jackson appeared in Las Vegas, in a very dancey performance at the Billboard Music Awards. The computer-generated King of Pop sang "Slave to the Rhythm," from XSCAPE, and while he did moonwalk during the dance break, I think it may be safe to say that holograms don't have anything on real life movers. Yet.

While I'm all for this video with MJ throwbacks galore (in fact, I can't stop watching), it's going to take some more convincing—and more real life dancers—for me to get into something like this. (Although, I have to admit, the potential is pretty awesome.) Take a look below, and let me know what you think:


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