Abbie Fitzgibbon, Penelope Dominique, and Myrelle Lam on Hong Kong's Pedder Street (courtesy Twinkle Dance Company)

What's better than dancers doing their thing in unexpected urban locales? TINY dancers doing their thing in unexpected INTERNATIONAL urban locales!

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More studio time = more improvement? Not always, according to Roman Zhurbin, American Ballet Theatre soloist and certified personal trainer. "It's absolutely necessary to take rest days so your body can reset and you stay motivated," says Zhurbin. "Seven days a week of hard training is just unhealthy." What is healthy: letting your body recover from a jam-packed dance schedule so you can give your best possible performance.

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Photo by Andrew Ross, Courtesy Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Where in the world is Miko Fogarty? Just three years ago, she seemed unstoppable. After being featured in the 2011 ballet documentary First Position, she became a teenage social-media star, winning top prizes at competitions in Moscow and Varna and at Youth American Grand Prix, and dancing in galas around the world. Last most of us heard, it was 2015 and she had just joined the corps of Birmingham Royal Ballet—and even appeared on Dance Spirit's cover. A year later, she dropped off the ballet radar.

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Dancer to Dancer
Screenshot (courtesy Disney Channel)

What's better then a Disney movie remake? The answer: A Disney movie remake in the form of a musical! Disney Channel's giving the 2003 hit comedy "Freaky Friday" a reboot with all the singing and dancing your heart could ever desire. But choreographing the remake of a classic Disney-movie-turned-TV-musical is no joke, which is why two-time Tony nominee John Carrafa was the perfect man for the job. Known for incorporating real life, everyday movement into his dances, Carrafa brings magic into even the most mundane of movements. From having dancers "slice oranges to the rhythm of the music" to using energetic athleticism, Carrafa's choreography is bound to bring an exciting new spin to this tale.

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America's Favorite Judges were LIVING for Darius and Comfort's hip-hop routine (screenshot via YouTube)

Yesterday's episode was the all-important final step before the live TV episodes begin. Last Monday night, Vanessa, Mary, and Nigel cut half of the remaining ladies after seeing them perform a duet outside their style with a male All-Star. And last night, it was (finally!) the men's turn. Here's what went down.

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