Tuesday, we had dancing owls. Today, we have dancing...hairless dogs.

No, wait—don't click away yet! Look, we understand: Hairless dogs aren't everyone's cup of tea. But South Carolina's Bald Is Beautiful animal rescue has devoted itself to poor little naked pups who need good homes. And they're doing a darn good job selling even skeptics on these un-furry friends' charms.

Case in point: This video featuring some of Bald Is Beautiful's finest. (Obviously the star of the show is destined for fame, but we're also fond of Mr. Not-So-Into-This in the back there.) The cute clip, originally posted on the shelter's Facebook page, even made it onto "Ellen."

Enjoy, and happy Friday, y'all.

Dance News

As someone brilliant once said: The best cure for a case of the Mondays is to binge on YouTube videos of animals dancing. You know another cure? Puppies.

D'awwwwww (via barkpost.com)

Cured yet? If not, we've got the perfect video for you. Apparently, dog dance competitions are a thing in Europe. After a bit of YouTube research (if you call it "research," it doesn't count as procrastination), we discovered that these competitions are basically like special dog shows, where the dogs and the owners perform choreographed duets together. Usually, the canine choreo features a bunch of walking patterns, and not all that much dancing—kinda like dressage for dogs.

But then came Sandra Roth and her Australian Shepherd Lizzy, and they changed the game of dog dance competitions forever. Lizzy doesn't just walk. She pirouettes. She relevés. She leaps. SHE ARABESQUES! Seriously, it's incredible.

While the video of Sandra and Lizzy competing at OEC 2014 in Germany first went public in November, dog and dance lovers everywhere have just recently discovered its gloriousness—and it's finally getting the viral status it deserves. So go ahead: Add it to that play count, and feel your Monday woes just slip away.

FYI, Dogs hate Mondays, too.

You got this, buddy!


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