We've featured many, many inspiring dancers in our magazine over the years, but Chelsie Hill is in a league of her own. The gifted 25-year-old has been in a wheelchair since 2010, when a drunk driving accident damaged her spine. Yet she didn't let the fact that she couldn't walk keep her from dancing. She even started her own team of wheelchair dancers, the Rollettes, and created the Walk and Roll Foundation to raise money for others with spinal cord injuries.

Hill is currently an ambassador for the Wings for Life World Run, the world's only simultaneous running and wheelchair race, which raises money for spinal cord research projects. Through her work with that organization, she met our friends Josh Killacky and David Moore—who were, unsurprisingly, totally awed by her. And the three of them teamed up to create a dance video, "Will You?", that's sweet, moving, and full of gorgeous choreography that highlights Hill's singular talent.

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When you think of things dancers dance on, the obvious answers might include pointe shoes or the stage. Well, you can officially add segway to the list. As Josh Killacky, Evan Moody, Alex Ditommaso, Damien Lavergne and Jake Deanda demonstrate, it's more than possible—these five guys absolutely nailed a routine choreographed by David Moore, all while masterfully balancing on segways. Is this a future style of dance? It's hard to say, but one thing's for sure—it's so cool to watch. Check it out below:

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Oh hi! Have you been on the internets recently? Then you've probably seen the latest viral clip from the ever-fantabulous Josh Killacky and his crew. Co-starring Alex DiTommaso and Jake Deanda, and directed by David Moore, it uses the same simple, perfect formula as that magical #XmasIsLit video from a few weeks back: Put Killacky and two friends in front of Moore's camera and have them nail some choreo to an earworm-y song.

In this case, the song is truly, wonderfully weird—a track by Suede the Remix God featuring samples from a "Dr. Phil" episode. (If you haven't heard of the "Cash Me Ousside" girl...no, sorry, we can't explain it. Just watch.) And the resulting video is an absolute delight.

Now, Killacky and crew would like you to take the #HowBoutDatChallenge and replicate the vid with your own squad. GO FORTH AND MEME, FRIENDS.

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You knew the lovely ladies of the Suga N Spice Crew were amazing. But did you know they were SUPER?

In their latest too-cute-for-words video, the Suga N Spice girls give us an epic dance adventure set to the DC Super Hero Girls theme song, "Get Your Cape On." And Tricia Miranda's ever-fierce choreography transforms each crew member into a different caped crusader. (Taylor Hatala makes the world's most adorable Batgirl, and flame-haired Larsen Thompson as Poison Ivy? It's almost too perfect.) Directed by Brian Friedman and David Moore, the vid is proof that the best way to get over romantic disappointment (what real-life dude would reject Larsen??) is to throw a dance party with your team of superfriends. Obviously.

Enjoy! And if you're a fan of Fraternal Twins Taylor and Larsen, let's just say you'll <3 our May/June issue. Click here to make sure there's a copy heading your way!

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The only thing I love more than a cute dance couple is watching that cute dance couple groove together.

Thus, my latest obsession: David Moore's "Classic Dance Video." It stars power couple Moore and Sophia Aguiar dancing alongside a few more of my favorites: Ian Eastwood, Misha Gabriel and Tony Bellissimo.

The dancing in the video is top-notch (naturally), plus it's funny!

So take a little break on this fabulous Friday and enjoy "Classic Dance Video":

Oh, and if you, too, are a sucker for a sweet dance love story, you'll just looooove the May/June issue of DS!

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