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We caught up with five major competition stars to get the deets on what was on their wish lists this past December—and their responses were positively dancetastic. Check out what they're most excited about using in the new year to help further their resolutions, and get some inspiration on what to ask for at your next big celebration!

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Dancer to Dancer
Photo by Eva Nys Photography, courtesy Yolanda Walmsley

When you hear Elliana Walmsley's name, your first thought is probably "Dance Moms," but that's far from the tween's only claim to fame. Since first appearing on Season 6 of the show, Elliana's won Youth America Grand Prix's Hope Award and starred in the off-Broadway musical Dance Divas Nutcracker. Most recently, she won the title of 2018 Mini Female Best Dancer at The Dance Awards—and started work on "Dancing with the Stars: Juniors" the following day.

Winning 2018 Mini Female Best Dancer was a dream come true. I used to watch the dance-offs and solos, thinking it would be so cool just to get to the improv round. But a teacher told me that it was out of my reach, that I'd never be able to do it. I never forgot that comment, and I'm so glad that I proved her wrong.
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