Unsurprisingly, Season 1 winners Les Twins have had a pretty epic year. (NBC)

"World of Dance" Season 2 is in full swing, introducing us to a new crop of jaw-dropping talents—and reuniting us with a few of the stars of Season 1, including 15-year-old dynamo Eva Igo. But what have our other Season 1 faves (Les Twins! KynTay! Swing Latino!) been up to since their big TV moment? Here's where they are now.

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Gabe De Guzman and Kaycee Rice at their January 2016 cover shoot (photo by Joe Toreno)

If you're deep in the Monday Blues, we've got just the thing for you: a Kaycee Rice Instagram takeover, with lots of special guests.

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Back in the early '90s, "The Mickey Mouse Club" show on the Disney channel helped launch the careers of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and would-be ballet dancer Ryan Gosling, to name just the danciest few. (And back in the '50s—more than 60 years ago!—the original "Mickey Mouse Club" show started the M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E phenomenon.) Now, Disney is relaunching "MMC" as Club Mickey Mouse, a Facebook- and Instagram-exclusive series that'll be taking over your feeds for the next seven weeks. And the latest Mousketeers? They are a verrrrry impressive bunch.

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I need those donut leggings. (screenshot via YouTube)

"Whatcha gon, whatcha gon do with that dessert?"

I can't even read that sentence without getting Dawin's "Dessert" stuck in my head. And now I can't think of "Dessert" without feeling an immediate need to watch Gabe De Guzman and Kaycee Rice's new video on repeat. Indefinitely.

They're barely teenagers, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that Gabe and Kaycee are two of the best dancers in L.A. right now. Nobody knows that better than Tricia Miranda, who put the dynamic duo together and choreographed their first competition duet (that'd be "Monster"—you're already obsessed with it). Miranda is also the mastermind behind the Gabe-Kaycee "Dessert," which features the two young'uns doing her pitch-perfect choreo alongside animated ice cream sundaes, donuts and Twinkies.

It sounds cheesy, but it's not. The only thing it has in common with cheese is DELICIOUSNESS.

Enjoy. And Gabe and Kaycee fans? Let's just say you're going to enjoy our January issue. Stay tuned!

Last month, on the finale of "tWitch and Allison's Kids Dance Challenge" (Ellen DeGeneres' new dance series, for those who haven't been following along), the competition came down to two finalists: DS co-cover stars Gabe De Guzman and Kaycee Rice. Not exactly shocking, thanks to their super-fierce movesbut we were incredibly torn. How in the world were tWitch and Allison going to choose between the members of our favorite hip-hop duo???

Turns out, they didn't have to: Ellen named both Gabe and Kaycee winners, giving both the chance to perform on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Cue a major sigh of relief, because there's just something magical about these two dancing together.

On Friday, the pair finally got their chance to shine on "Ellen," dancing alongside series judges tWitch and Allison. The double duet was great on so many levels. And new mama Allison proved she's still got itthe performance marked her first foray back into dancing since giving birth to little #BabyBoss.

Check it out:

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When news first dropped about 'tWitch & Allison's Dance Challenge,' it was a big deal—a dance show featuring some of our all-time favorite minis and mentors, competing for a chance to perform on "The Ellen Show"? Yeah, safe to say we were obsessed from day one. And although each episode is as amazing and packed with talent as the last, it was especially exciting to see our January 2016 cover stars Kaycee Rice and Gabe de Guzman take the floor. The two wunderkinds told viewers how despite living three hours apart, they always managed to find a way to dance together because they bring out the best in each other's dancing <3 (#ICan't). It goes without saying that tWitch and Allison were blown away. But what was the final decision? Check out the video below to find out:

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It has been quite the year for dance littles. First, "So You Think You Can Dance" announced its new format, which will feature competitors between the ages of 8 and 13 (we crashed the NYC auditions and the talent was insane!), and now Ellen DeGeneres’ newly released "tWitch and Allison's Kids Dance Challenge" allows kids ages 1014 to compete for a performance slot on "The Ellen Show."

The 8-episode online series features our fave husband-and-wife-duo tWitch and Allison as judges, mentors and, unsurprisingly, really great hosts. They'll choose 6 young dancers out of submissions from all over the world, then split them into two teams: Team tWitch and Team Allison. The two teams will be given various choreography challenges and one star dancer from each team will be picked to compete against each other in a final dance battle. The last dancer standing gets to perform live on Ellen's show!

Episode 1 dropped today over on Ellentube and we're already in love with 11-year-old hip-hopper Romeo Blanco who joined #TeamtWitch. And tWitch already dished up some fab mentor wisdom about perseverance. We also saw tons of familiar faces in the preview footage (Oh hey, former cover stars Kaycee Rice and Gabe De Guzman, and comp queen McKenzie Morales!). So, long story short, we're officially hooked.

See for yourself:

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It's easy to forget that Gabe De Guzman and Kaycee Rice are kids.

They're seasoned professionals with crazy-good resumés. They're the stars of pretty much every dance class they set foot in. They're some of the savviest self-marketers around, always finding new ways to grow their (already huge) fan base.

But yes: They're also just barely teenagers. So it's kind of fun that their latest video, "CLUBHOUSE," lets them get in touch with their silly-kid side.

Choreographed by Janelle Ginestra, the vid features Gabe and Kaycee doing their best Mickey and Minnie Mouse impressions to a medley of Disney and Disney-inspired ("Hey Mickey," anyone?) songs. Scooters, hot dogs and lots of special-effect sparkles are involved. And the dancing is, of course, everything we've come to expect from a De Guzman/Rice/Ginestra production.



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There's no shortage of amazing young talent in the dance world right now. Case in point: Taylor Hatala (one half of the amazing Fraternal Twins), Kyndall Harris and the explosive members of Boy Squad (Josh Price, Sean Lew and our January 2016 cover star, Gabe de Guzman). Evidence? I mean, we've got tons of that (seriously, tons). But incase you need more, behold—this insane new video to "Lean and Dabb" by iLoveMemphis, choreographed by Oth'Than Burnside. The film, shot under L.A.'s Sixth Street Bridge, features the boys versus the girls in everything from a dabb-off to some intense stank-facing. And as per usual, the resulting vid is amazing, once again proving that these dancers are out-of-control talented. Check it out below.

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Photo by Joe Toreno

The stars aligned back in 2013, when two young dancers walked into Tricia Miranda's class at International Dance Academy in Hollywood. Kaycee Rice, then 10, and Gabe De Guzman, then 12, plowed their way through an intricate hip-hop combo to Rihanna's "Right Now," showing dancers twice their age what it means to go full-out. Miranda, one of the industry's most sought-after choreographers, was captivated. "I remember thinking, 'Wow, these kids are aliens,' " Miranda says. "It's so rare to find a student who's mastered both performance and technique, and here I had two."

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Most of you are accustomed to seeing our January cover stars, teenage phenoms Kaycee Rice and Gabe De Guzman, in full-out hip-hop mode. You know—casually killing it in things like this. And this. And, oh yes, THIS.

Kaycee and Gabe aren't setting that type of amazingness aside anytime soon. But like all true mavericks, they're hungry for new challenges. And hey, when you've basically achieved world domination in one genre, it's fun to try something different every once in a while.

So the dynamic duo decided to give us a New Year's present: "KONTROL," a tasty contemporary-meets-acro morsel with just a dash of hip-hop spice.

I wasn't kidding about the "acro" part. (screenshot via YouTube)

Choreographed by Zoi Tatopoulos, it features Kaycee as the world's bendiest puppet and Gabe as the world's slickest puppet master. (Or that's how things start out, anyway—as the title implies, there's a bit of a power struggle going on.) And it is fabulously creepy, in that "American Horror Story" kind of way.

Happy Wednesday, y'all.

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Hip-hop wunderkinds Gabe De Guzman and Kaycee Rice brought energy, flair and insane talent to their cover shoot for the January 2016 issue. Check out this behind-the-scenes video for a look at all the fun that happened on set!

And by boys, we mean our favorite #BoySquad: Sean Lew, Gabe De Guzman, Josh Price, Kenneth San Jose and Will Simmons. This crew is the stuff of dreams. We couldn't have handpicked a better group to dance choreo by Alexander Chung to Jovanie's track, "What's the Move?"

Living for that slo-mo (via DanceOn)

Every single one of these dancers is insanely talented. They've got the facials, acro and musicality on lock, and every video is somehow more amazing than the last. It's hard to pick a favorite moment, so we'll leave that up to you. Watch the full video below!

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There's always some new #challenge happening on the Internet, and it's 10 times more fun when it's a dance #challenge! The latest craze is #HitTheQuanChallenge, to the iHeart Memphis track, "Hit the Quan." Choreo-genius Matt Steffanina created a high-energy piece and got some of our favorite big-time littles to perform: Gabe de Guzman, Bailey Sok, Sean Lew, Tati McQuay, and Kenneth San Jose. Is it the most dynamite dance, group and video combo ever? Probably. All we can do is watch and #bowdown. Check it out below:



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